The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 24, 1923
Local Eleven is Primed for National Cup Struggle Here Tomorrow.

With ideal weather conditions or even if slightly marred soccer enthusiasts throughout the Lehigh Valley and many from far distant points should witness the greatest soccer battle fought in this city in a long time when Bethlehem F. C. responds to the whistle of the referee to continue its grind in the National Cup competition, meeting the hard fighting New York F. C. in the fourth round on Christmas Day afternoon.

To the soccer fans it is needless to describe the importance of this game and suffice it to say that these will turn out en masse. To the casual observer or in fact sportsmen who have not yet witnessed a game, the type of this battle is one that is certain to appeal to them. Bethlehem is determined to continue in the race for the National honors while New York F. C. is just as determined and with teams resorting to the typical style of cup game the encounter will go down in the annals of this season's campaigning as probably the most grueling witnessed.

In forecasting the above it is not assuming too much liberty for the caliber of the New York club is well known. Probably not riding first in the American League standing but nevertheless remaining in both cup plays, the Gotham booters are without doubt the most feared eleven in Eastern soccer. Hugh Magee is the manager, a pilot well worthy of the position he holds and in his selection of players he has chosen men of a similar type; players with a fighting spirit characteristic of the man at the head of the team.

Since Bethlehem, New York and possibly Fall River are the foremost contenders for the Eastern National honors and each determined to represent this country in the National final, the eyes of the entire soccer world will be directed to Bethlehem. The importance of the clash can readily be gleaned by the fact that the New York management offered Bethlehem a guarantee of $5,000 to transfer the game to New York and play it on the Polo Grounds.

Critics and leaders in the sport including such notables as Thomas W. Cahill, of the National Challenge Cup Committee and honorary secretary of the United States Football Association, together with Andrew M. Brown, chairman of the committee, will be present. It is also understood that since deprived of presenting the game to Gotham fans by Bethlehem's refusal to transfer the game, more than five hundred will comprise a delegation to come to Bethlehem to witness the encounter and cheer for the New York eleven.

To add to the spirit of the battle anticipated is the rivalry existing between these two clubs. In the soccer campaigning to date Bethlehem has lost but one game, an American League affair, and that one game was lost to the New Yorkers. On the other hand Bethlehem was one of the only two teams to set back the New Yorkers this season and incidentally both these defeats for New York were administered in league affairs.

Great care will be exerted in the selection of the Bethlehem lineup with possibly very few changes made in the choice over the players that opposed Fall River and Coats on successive weekends. "Jock" Ferguson, the veteran fullback who was rested up in the game against Coats, is almost certain to replace Young. Carnihan, who made his first appearance in five weeks on Saturday because of injury, will also probably be retired for the day with McGregor at center halfback and Rattray at right halfback. It is almost certain that there will be no changes in the forward line with the reliable Oellerman in goal.

The visitors will invade Bethlehem not without its celebrities for players such as Geudert, in goal; the irresistible and hard fighting McGuire, rating as one of the leading wingmen in the country; the famous A. Stark and T. Stark, the former that campaigned with the American team which invaded Sweden several seasons ago; Dan McNiven, who resigned as center forward of Bethlehem to play with the New Yorkers, and in fact every other player included in the New York lineup is a soccerite who has made a prominent name for himself in the game.

In order to play off an extra period if necessary that is if at the end of the regulation ninety minutes the two clubs are deadlocked, the kickoff will be promptly at 2:15 o'clock. E. McCabe of Philadelphia will referee the contest. The teams will probably lineup as follows:

Bethlehem -- New York F. C.
Oellerman -- G -- Geudert
J. Ferguson -- RFB -- Kelly
D. Ferguson -- LFB -- Ferrier
Rattray -- RHB -- T. Stark
MacGregor -- CHB -- Terris
Terris -- LHB -- Herd
Turner -- OR -- Duggan
A. Jackson -- IR -- A. Stark
W. Jackson -- CF -- McNiven
Maxwell -- IL -- McGuire
Goldie -- OL -- McGhee
Referee -- E. McCabe, Philadelphia. Time of periods: 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club