The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, December 24, 1924
Weather Conditions Will Not Spoil Holiday Attraction On Steel Field

"Weather conditions will not stop the Christmas Day sports attraction on the Bethlehem Steel Field," was the announcement at [. . .] this afternoon. [. . . ] the fans who care to venture forth, should the day be inclement, that the Steel Workers will oppose Fleisher Yarn, of Philadelphia as scheduled.

Shelter is provided for the patrons together with trolley facilities to and from the grounds while the playing turf usually absorbs moisture with great rapidity and in the event of the weather clearing up during the night the fair would be in fair condition. "Not even snow, unless in such a quantity as to make it absolutely impossible to navigate on the field," is the emphatic assurance that the game will be played.

"Postponing soccer games is something new to us and while it has been resorted to, Bethlehem has never been guilty unless conditions were such as make it impossible," spoke one of the members of the club. "We played a cup game last year with the thermometer below zero and have frequently competed in torrential downpours of rain so why should we even think of postponing this match. Furthermore, the Steel field is better adapted to proved shelter for the fans than any other playing pitch in the circuit and should rain continue patrons would remain high and dry."

The Steel Workers are anxious to get going tomorrow, determined to win back the points lost with the defeat at the hands of the New York Giants last Sunday. A victory Christmas together with a dual win over the weekend would set the local club "pretty" in the league race. In spite of the game on Sunday hard sessions of practice were resorted to this week in priming for the invasion of Fleisher for while the local players are confident of victory they are nevertheless looking for a hard battle from the Philadelphians.

A shakeup in the personnel of the Steel Workers' lineup for tomorrow became apparent when it was learned today that the final selection will be held in abeyance until tomorrow afternoon and that conditions of the field and weather will have a material bearing on the players to be started.

It is possible that "Whitey" McDonald, the clever halfback, may get his first opportunity to play on the forward line, a position he has never played before but a change which the management


Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club