The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, December 24, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Life For Socking Referee; $10 For Slamming Player
Leo Thomas, a soccer player in the National Soccer Football League of Philadelphia, has been suspended from taking any further active part in the game for the balance of his career. The sentence was meted out by the executive committee of the above association because Thomas socked Referee Walder in a benefit game played last Sunday. In strong contrast is a recent occurrence in the American Soccer League game which incidentally happened while Bethlehem Steel was visiting Fall River. "Jimmy" Fryer, of Fall River, is admitted to have socked "Sturdy" Maxwell, a Steel forward, without provocation and most important is that Maxwell warned against such an occurrence did not respond. On petition of the local club Maxwell was reinstated to continue with Bethlehem in the following game while Fryer was injected into the lineup three games later. Then just to keep peace in the ranks of the American League, the circuit executives after airing the case, if an investigation it can be called, slapped a $10 fine on each and let it go at that. Thomas' suspension is going to discourage referee baiting and walloping in the future. The meager fines imposed by the American League for a player slamming another is going to encourage such conduct on the playing field. There are times when a player cannot control his emotions and there are circumstances that justify leniency. However, when an act is committed apparently premeditated and deliberate, the heaviest sentence the league can impose is not heavy enough and this goes for every club in the circuit.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club