The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, December 26, 1923
In Extra Period in National Cup Game Tuesday a 2 to 2 Score Results

by Fred Nonnemacher
Failing to convert the many opportunities into scores, the Bethlehem F. C. will have to journey to New York City next Sunday afternoon to stage the replay against New York F. C. in the fourth round of the National Cup competition. After a most bitter struggle on the Steel Field yesterday afternoon, and before the largest crowd that turned out for soccer in years, the Bethlehems and New Yorkers fought to a draw at 2 goals each. Two extra periods of 15 minutes each were played but without any further scoring.

Hostilities were waged for two hours during which there was not one dull moment, but fairly brimming with thrills that kept fans on the edge every second. The game, as the saying goes, was typical of a cup contest in which the players threw themselves into the battle with e very resource at their command and without regard to the many dangers of injury exposed. And the conclusion found many battered and sore as the result of the going which at times waxed extremely hot.

Of the two teams, fans will say that Bethlehem was the better, but then is not the best display of soccer that always counts, but really goals, and in this the New Yorkers equaled the efforts of the Bethlehemites. As has been noticed in the last several games, Bethlehem, with the many opportunities presented to score, is strong until in the vicinity of the goal, and then lacks the punch in finishing.

Contributing to Bethlehem's inability to score more than two goals was the brilliant work of Geudert, the New York goal keeper. This lanky individual made quite a few nice saves.

Bethlehem's front line had quite an edge on that of the visitors, in spite of the fact that the latter boasted of such stars as Dan McNiven, former Bethlehem center forward; Duggan, A. Stark, McGuire and Bart McGhee. If anything, the display of Dave Ferguson brought him out prominently as the best back on the field.

The New Yorkers finished the first half, leading by the count of 2 goals to one, and it was a penalty kick that enabled Bethlehem to tally the equalizer in the second half. When the teams finished the regulation period of the second stanza deadlocked, it seemed that victory depended entirely on the survival of the fittest. Although the players were well nigh exhausted by their efforts, the game slowed up very little, and it was a brilliant finish with Bethlehem pressing hard in the closing minutes that kept the fans on edge to the very end.

Personal feeling seemed to crop up at times and more than once the referee called players to his side to warn them.

Little doubt at the start seemed to exist as to the winner when, within five minutes after play started, Bethlehem counted the first goal. Alex Jackson featured with a beautiful individual dash and then a pass to his brother Walter Jackson, the latter shoving the ball into the net far from the reach of Geudert, the New York goalie. Bethlehem continued pressing and three minutes later Geudert made a brilliant save on a great shot from Walter Jackson. New York initiated a movement and then had its first real chance but McGuire shot by.

That the visitors were dangerous at all times, although deprived of doing much attacking in this period, was evidenced about ten minutes later minutes later when a score resulted, mostly due to the folly of the Bethlehem players in relenting in their efforts, when someone shouted offside. This momentary relax gave Duggan the opportunity to easily sneak one through completely out of the reach of Oellerman, the Bethlehem goalie.

Undaunted by this goal, Bethlehem continued pressing and pressing hard but failed to materialize any more tallies, time and again the ball was passed to the wings and then crossed now by Turner, and then to Goldie, to the center, but their efforts proved futile. Likewise to no avail, the shots the wingmen directed at the goal.

Bethlehem practically monopolized play in attacking, but in the waning minutes of the half the New Yorkers started a movement down the field. A. Stark got away from the veteran "Jock" Ferguson, and in an instant the visitors were in the lead.

Throughout the second half the play was more equally distributed with some brilliant exchanges and scrimmages near the goals featuring. Bethlehem's change to equalize came about ten minutes after the resumption. A penalty was given Bethlehem in a scrimmage about a yard outside the penalty area. Capt. Dan Carnihan laid his boot to the ball but the sphere sailed high over the cross bar. An instant later another penalty was awarded Bethlehem, this time within the penalty zone. When the New Yorkers lined up there did not seem an available inch through which to drive the ball. Walter Jackson whose strongest forte is to skip the ball over the ground, raised the ball just without the reach of the defending visitors, but low enough to locate in the corner of the net.

The game wended with the score deadlocked at two goals each. Immediately in extra periods of fifteen minutes was played an during this session there was likewise little to [...] in the advantage. However, when they changed positions for the final period of fifteen minutes Bethlehem again, by its determined attack was foremost in the play, but try as they would, the seemed doomed to end the game in a tie score for in the many opportunities to realize a counter they were frustrated. The lineup:

New York -- Bethlehem
Geudert -- G -- Oellerman
Kelly -- RFB -- D. Ferguson
Ferrier -- LFB -- J. Ferguson
T. Stark -- RHB -- McGregor
Ferris -- CHB -- Carnihan
Herd -- LHB -- Terris
Duggan -- OR -- Turner
A. Stark -- IR -- A. Jackson
McNiven -- CF -- W. Jackson
McGuire -- IL -- Maxwell
McGhee -- OL -- Goldie
Final score: Bethlehem, 2; New York, 2. Half-time score: New York, 2; Bethlehem, 1. Goals: For Bethlehem. W. Jackson, 2; for New York, Duggan and A. Stark. Referee: J. McCabe, Philadelphia. Linesmen: A. Watson and W. Kendall, Philadelphia. Time of game, 45 minute halves and two extra 15 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club