The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
December 26, 1924
Despite Bitter Cold Weather Steel Workers Work Like Trojans and Win Easily.

By F. S. Nonnemacher
Bethlehem Steel F. C. had little trouble in defeating Fleisher Yarn, of Philadelphia, in the holiday soccer tilt on the Steel Field yesterday afternoon, winning by the score of 4 goals to 1. The visitors were first to score but after their early success Bethlehem played with greater determination and from then on monopolized with the play for the most in Fleisher territory. The Steel Workers were completely in command at all times.

Fleisher won the toss and played with the wind in their favor but in spite of this advantage, failed to make any threatening impression. On the other hand, while the Steel Workers scored four goals and enough to assure victory, the forward line at times was not as smooth as might have been and missed several excellent opportunities to add to their total. However, conditions were such that perfect play could not be expected.

At no time did the Steel Workers have trouble penetrating through the visitors' defense and far more goals were rained at the Fleisher citadel or rebounded from the uprights or cross bar than scored. Bethlehem played with a revised forward lineup at which Robertson and Rollo composed the left wing while Forrest replaced Turner at outside right. These combinations worked in good harmony, especially Forrest, whose centers were beautiful, although he erred several times with long shots from difficult angles when a cross might have been more appropriate. But then, as a matter of fact, Robertson, in the very goal mouth with not even the goalie to beat, made a miskick, lifting the ball over the cross bar.

Fleisher included in their lineup Joe Morrison, of this city, the latter playing outside right, but with an injured leg and against the Steel Workers' defense he was unable to do anything. The visitors assumed the lead after about fifteen minutes of play, when conceded a corner, McGhee took the kick and scored. Under a ruling, adopted this season the score was possible for the ball sallied from the corner across the goal mouth, struck the farthest upright and then careened into the net without touching another player.

The Steel Workers went about thirty minutes before the equalizing tally was notched. Forrest carried the ball up the right and then sent across an accurate center, Rollo, playing his regular position at inside left, made no mistake when he headed into the corner, far out of the reach of Kucklick.

Before the half ended Bethlehem had assumed the lead by a one goal margin. This resulted when Forrest again centered to Stark. The latter, cool and deliberate, sized up the situation and then scored with a well-placed shot.

When the teams turned around, Bethlehem Steel had the advantage of the wind and also a team handicapped by the absence of one of the players. Rodgers, right halfback, injured his leg in the first half and had to retire, never again to return during the game. The visitors pressed a forward into service and assumed from then on practically a defensive attitude. Bethlehem however was at its best in this half, and seldom was the ball carried beyond midfield. Kucklick was the busiest man on the field as shots were aimed at him. Bill Highfield, the Bethlehem goalie, was no more than a spectator going through the entire half without once handling the ball.

The Steel Workers increased their lead in the first five minutes of play with two additional goals. The first came from the head of Robertson on a pass from Forrest, while the next one and last counter of the game came from the head of Stark on a neat cross from Robertson.

The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Fleisher
Highfield -- G -- Kuckuck
D. Ferguson -- RFB -- Rodgers
J. Ferguson -- LFB -- Coleman
McDonald -- RHB -- Duffy
Carnihan -- CHB -- Whyte
MacGregor -- LHB -- Ironside
Forrest -- OR -- Morrison
Maxwell -- IR -- Purvis
Stark -- CF -- Stradan
Rollo -- IL -- McLaughlin
Robertson -- OL -- McGhee
Goals: Rollo, Stark 2; Robertson, McGhee. Referee: Kerr. Linesmen, Carson and Brown. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club