The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Monday, December 27, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Looked Like Old Times
One of the finest Christmas presents the players of the Bethlehem F. C. might have received was presented in the moral support evident at the holiday game when the biggest attendance of the season was recorded. The attendance was far from commensurate to the caliber of soccer dispense by the National champions but nevertheless very encouraging and no doubt augurs well for attendances in the future. The covered stand was crowded, the bleachers adjoining partly filled and a fair sized representation of loyal rooters fringed the south edge of the playing pitch. To estimate conservatively there were more than a thousand present. More impressive than the number was the spirit and enthusiasm, indicating that the dribbling game is a pretty good sport after all and that it is taking a strong hold. Every play which merited was roundly applauded and sometimes some of the patrons though the Philadelphia boys were a bit too rough. That’s a very good sign. Let it be hoped that every attendance after the New Year will gradually excel the one of Christmas Day so that by next Christmas the seating facilities on the spacious field will be insufficient to cope with the attendance. And as a reminder let it be mentioned that the champions will entertain at home on New Year’s Day afternoon. The visitors will be no other than New Bedford with its galaxy of star performers.

The Horrid Weather
Weather conditions, or rather field conditions, brought about by inclement weather, forced the postponement of several American Soccer League games over the weekend. More than two thousand Gotham rooters were disappointed after traveling to the Oval, the band-box play ground for the New York clubs, to learn that Referee McCabe had ruled the pitch unfit to play upon and as a result Indiana Flooring and Brooklyn will have to settle their feud at a later date. While a two thousand attendance would look good to the local manager, it was a mere drop in the bucket for the New York game and both clubs were apparently satisfied to abide by the referee’s edict. When we say a mere drop in the bucket we refer exclusively to the meeting between the two Gotham clans, the one from Greater New York and the other a representative of Manhattan. Other games postponed were Providence vs. Boston and Fall Fiver vs. Springfield.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club