The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
December 27, 1927
Subdue the Newark Jinx Monday, 4 to 1 -- Beat Providence Here Saturday.

Bethlehem continued its winning stride by earning a much needed victory at the expense of Newark at the latter place on Monday, by a score of 4 to 1. Newark thus far has proved one of the jinxes for the Steelworkers, but in yesterday's game the Steelworkers went at t heir work in a serious vein, and for the time being at least put a very emphatic quietus on the jinx.

The commencement of the game, with Newark scoring in the first minute of play, left Bethlehem supporters in much doubt as to whether the jinx was present, but within a few minutes, Gillespie, playing in center in the absence of Stark, who was injured on Saturday, tied the score from Goldie's cross, and, thereafter, the issue was never in doubt. In 10 minutes Gillespie, single-handedly, raced through from the center, eluding both backs, and finishing his effort with a terrific shot, which left the goalkeeper helpless.

Newark responded gamely to the urgings of its home crowd, and played desperately. This issue was at no time too safe, until after 20 minutes of play in the second half, when Rollo gathered a loose ball, and placed it beyond the reach of the keeper. From then until the remainder of the game, Bethlehem continued to predominate, and Gillespie scored his third goal, thus obtaining a "hat-trick" in soccer parlance, resulting from a scrimmage in the goal-mouth.

Bethlehem played in a determined manner throughout for it is no small achievement to earn a victory on the home loam of the Jerseyites, and were it not for the woodwork, which vie times prevented scores, the result might have run into double figures.

The lineup:

Newark -- Bethlehem
Murdoch -- G -- Edwards
Grosz -- RFB -- H. Reid
Cairns -- LFB -- McMeekin
Daley -- RHB -- W. Ried
Moore -- CHB -- Carnihan
Nicol -- LHB -- McGregor
Hogg -- OR -- Rollo
Wardrop -- IR -- Jaap
Gregetski -- CF -- Gillespie
Green -- IL -- Granger
Purgavie -- OL -- Goldie
Referee -- J. Hume. Linesmen -- J. Coutts and J. Connachin. Goals -- Gillespie 3, Rollo, Bethlehem; Purgavie, Newark. Time of halves: 45 minute.

Make it Four Straight

In defeating Providence on Saturday afternoon the Steelmen made it four straight for the season over the Fletchermen. As on the previous appearance in this city Providence gave Bethlehem a fight in the first half but after the visitors equalized shortly after the restart the champion put on pressure and after again taking the lead were never serious threatened.

As the game progressed it waxed quite hot and ankle tapping and body contact in charging were frequent with the result that many free kicks were awarded. In winning the Steelmen continued to display the form which in recent weeks graduated the team to the top of the league circuit and which now makes them look certain for first place at the conclusion of the first half of the schedule.

Bethlehem did most of the pressing in the first half of the Saturday tilt, especially in the early minutes of play when on less than four occasions the Steel forwards with easy opportunities to score from close to the goal mouth lifted over the cross bar.

The champions went into the lead after thirty minutes of play, the result of a breakaway of the right wing and to which Stark at center contributed to the short tricky passes. Eluding the defense Gillespie threatened to carry the ball in but when boxed whipped a perfect pass to Goldie on the left from where the Bethlehem outside right free at the moment had no one to beat but the goalie in placing his shot. The half ended without any further scoring.

Only once after the restart did Providence loom as a dangerous contender and that was in the early minutes when a free kick awarded against Hugh Reid paved the way for a goal. The ball swung over to Hogg who immediately centered to scrimmage in front of the goal mouth from where Auld, a visiting halfback, placed it into the net.

With visions of losing their commanding place in the league race the Steelmen put on pressure. The veteran Granger was immediately sent into the lineup to replace Ballantyne who on his day's play seemed to lack sense of direction with his passes and speed.

The visitors remained deadlocked for only a short time for the right wing again got busy and Stark was close to the net for the parting shot. His drive from an angle sped across goal mouth but the ball remained in play with Gillespie trapping it on the right . In the meantime Jaap went through to center and crashed Gillespie's return into the net to again put his team in the lead.

The third and final goal came as the result of a pretty movement contributed to by Gillespie and Rollo, the latter replacing Stark, who injured his groin, early in the half. Down the field swept this duo, resorting to short snappy and accurate passes to trick the defense and then when close to the goal line a sizzling center from Rollo enabled Gillespie to notch the goal. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Providence
Edwards -- G -- Garland
Reid -- RFB -- Bardell
McMeekin -- LFB -- Aime
W. Reid -- RHB -- Campbell
Carnihan -- CHB -- W. Finlayson
MacGregor -- LHB -- Auld
Gillespie -- OR -- Beattie
Jaap -- IR -- McClure
Stark -- CF -- A. Finlayson
Ballantyne -- IL -- Agnew
Goldie -- OL -- Hogg
Goals: Goldie, Auld, Jaap, Gillespie. Substitutions: Granger for Ballantyne, Rollo for Stark. Referee: James Walder, Philadelphia. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club