The Globe - Bethlehem
Saturday, December 28, 1918
When the Soccer Whistle Blows
By Sita Dell

The eyes of all soccer enthusiasts throughout the country are centered on St. Louis today, greatly interested in the results of the games scheduled for the Bethlehem champions, the first of which will be played this afternoon. It is believed that the St. Leos have been the selection for the opening contest against the tourists and that the Ben Millers will be held in reserve until tomorrow afternoon. Both these teams are considered the strongest soccer aggregations in the middle-west and in fact are held up as presenting the same strength as any of the strong Eastern clubs. The final game will be played on New Year Day when the cream of the players in St. Louis will be selected in an effort to down the champions' colors.

Bethlehem invades the enemy territory with probably the best record ever before attained by the club at this stage of the season. The team has been a consistent winner, taking every contest staged this year. The games played included exhibition contests, National League and National and American cup competitions. Of the ten games played in only three was the opposition able to penetrate the Bethlehem defense and register a score. The Canadians managed to tally one goal while each of the Merchant shipbuilding teams chalked up tallies against Bethlehem. The hardest game of the season for the champions was in competition with the Merchant A team, the latter being conquered only after two extra periods of fifteen minutes each were played. The points scored by Bethlehem were 43 to 6 against them.

The record established by Manager Sheridan and his players has caused the envy of practically all other soccer organizations and in every contest the local players find themselves pitted against bitter rivals. Soccer prophets contend that the smooth running of the Bethlehem team must break some time and believing that the time when this will occur is near, all clubs are angling for a contest in hopes of being the first squad to capture the bacon. The record of the Bethlehem team to date is as follows:

Sept. 23 - Patterson, 0; Bethlehem, 4, at Bethlehem. (National League).
Oct. 6 - New York S. B., 0; Bethlehem 3, at New York. (National League)
Nov. 3 - Scottish-American, 0; Bethlehem 10, at Newark. (National League)
Nov. 9 - New York Ship, 0; Bethlehem 3, at Bethlehem. (National Cup first round)
Nov. 18 - All-Star Canadians, 1; Bethlehem 4, at Harrison. (Exhibition).
Nov. 23 - Merchant A 3; Bethlehem 4, at Bethlehem (National Cup, second round)
Nov. 30 - All-Star Canadian, 0; Bethlehem 2, at Toronto. (Exhibition)
Dec. 7 - New York Ship, 0; Bethlehem 2, at Bethlehem. (American Cup, first round)
Dec. 14 - Merchant B, 2; Bethlehem 6, at Bethlehem (American Cup, second round)
Dec. 21 - Babcock & Wilcox, 0; Bethlehem 5, at Bayonne. (National League)

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club