The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, December 28, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

In Scoring Mood
The Steelmen were in scoring mood against Shawsheen on Saturday afternoon, and at the conclusion of the ninety minutes of play left no doubt as to which was the superior team. Jim Purvis, former Phillie scoring ace, gave his best exhibition of locating the net since joining the local club. Playing inside right, he did not confine his attentions to playing back in a more or less defensive role, as witnessed against Fall River, but instead was very much in evidence on the forward line. On every play in which Bethlehem made a raid on the visitors' goal, Purvis was located in the vicinity of the Shawsheen citadel and on two of these occasions the home club profited when the former Phillie booter caught rebounds and placed them in the net, with the goalie completely beaten. There was more aggressiveness around the goal mouth in the Shawsheen game than any of the recent contest. The Steel men not only outplayed their opponents, as has been the case in games where adverse results were attained, but did plenty of scoring.

Missed Golden Opportunity
Bygones are bygones but it is not amiss to visualize how the Steelmen might have been today in the standing of the American Soccer League clubs if they had made good against Fall River in the Christmas Day battle. A victory for Bethlehem would have put the Steel Workers in a position close to the top, for Fall River experienced probably the most disastrous invasion made to this vicinity in a long time. And with Providence here for a game next Saturday, opportunity of realizing the championship ambition would have loomed even brighter. After doing with the Steelmen, Fall River was the recipient of probably one of the most disagreeable surprises that has been the lot of the champions in recent years. That was the draw game to which the champions were held by the lowly Phils. And on top of this the Brooklyn Wanderers stopped the champions with a 1 to 0 victory in a game which had an unsatisfactory ending. Fall River left the field with two minutes more to play when the ball was apparently kicked out repeatedly by the Wanderers as a mans of safeguarding their one goal lead.

Fall River Gets Dose of Own Medicine
Fall River has protested the game on the grounds that a late start was made, that spectators were allowed to encroach on the playing field and that the ball was kept out of play beyond the reasonable limit of time. Whether or not the score will stand will depend upon the action of the American Soccer League at its next meeting. In kicking out Fall River received a taste of its own medicine and tactics resorted to against Bethlehem when the Steelmen's pressure became too severe. These tactics against Bethlehem seemed deliberate and the spectators were not slow in catching on and voicing their sentiment with cat-calls. However, there was no fence close by to kick the ball over. If Brooklyn safeguarded their one goal lead in that manner, the players resorted to defensive tactics employed by Fall River on the Steel Field. Leaving the game before the end of the play is not going to appeal to soccer patrons.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club