The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, December 28, 1925
Purvis, With Four Counters, and Stark with Two, Pile Up Big Score

The Shawsheen F. C., conqueror of Fall River this season and winner of the U. S. F. A cup tie at the close of the previous season, proved no terror for the Steel Workers in the home tilt on the Steel field, on Saturday afternoon, the local clan romping through ninety minutes of hostilities for a 6 to 0 victory.

Displaying dashing form, Jim Purvis, Bethlehem inside right, gave a practical demonstration of how to score goals and the Steel Workers rode rough shod over their New England rivals. With two goals scored in the first forty five minutes of play, Bethlehem established a commanding lead.

Purvis Notches Four

The wide-awake Purvis on the Bethlehem front line was responsible for the high total of goals notched. Awake to every situation, the Steelmen's inside right happened to be at the right place at the right time and three of the four goals he scored were counted on shots directed at the visitors' citadel and rebounded either off the hands of Murdock, the goalie, or the uprights. However, before the defenders could clear, Purvis dashed in to finish the shots.

Taylor made his home debut as goalie and made a very favorable impression. His work in the second half was materially eased when Bethlehem monopolized the play. However, in the opening half, Taylor handled enough shots, some of them dangerously close, and one in particular, on which he was forced to dive the length of the goal mouth to save, to give him the stamp of approval. After the teams turned around, his work was eased up, for it was seldom that Shawsheen advanced to the vicinity of the Bethlehem citadel and then seldom beyond the territory of the Bethlehem backs.

Shawsheen won the toss and playing with the wind, was the aggressor at the start. Once the Steelmen diagnosed the tactics of their opponents, they became the aggressors, and tin spite of the wind, frequently drove deep into Shawsheen territory. Murdock, in goal for Shawsheen, was in fine fettle, but the shots that landed were of the unstoppable type.

Purvis Scores

About twenty minutes of play w as consumed when Purvis opened the scoring for Bethlehem. The counter resulted on a neat piece of combination participated in by Archie Stark. The latter took the ball from Robertson and then shoved it up center, drawing the defense toward him. Purvis was keeping pace with Stark and when it looked as though the latter would shoot, he fed the ball to his inside right. Purvis had no one to beat but Murdock and he successfully did this.

Play continued fast and it looked as though Bethlehem was done with its one goal, but just before the half ended, Stark converted a beautiful center from Forrest into a counter. A minute later the half ended, with Bethlehem leading 2 goals to none.

Bethlehem Opens Up

One of the most persistent bombardments witnessed on the Steel field this season came immediately after the restart. So terrific was the assault that four goals were scored in the record time of 20 minutes and as many more missed. From close and far range the Bethlehem forwards were sending shots goalward.

Purvis opened the scoring in this half with a solo effort. Taking the ball on clearance, he shoved it down center to the thirty-yard range and then quite unexpectedly drove with terrific speed. Murdock, the Shawsheen goalie was about the most surprised individual on the field when the ball, sailing true to the mark, struck under the crossbar and caromed into the net.

The Steelmen continued the pressure and within a few minutes of play, Purvis located another shot. Rollo and Goldie advanced the ball, tricking the Shawsheen backs until Rollo was within scoring range. Shooting hard, his shot struck the upright and on the rebound Purvis dashed in and finished the drive. Purvis was not yet done and annexed his third for this half and the fourth for the game when, in his dashing play, he caught a rebound on a shot from Goldie, and finished by touching the ball into the net. Bethlehem's final goal was a terrific shot off the toe of Archie Stark, the latter making good on a center from Forrest.

With this well established lead acquired with twenty-five minutes more to play, the Steelmen seemed satisfied, and although raids were frequently made on the visitors' goal, no more scoring resulted. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Shawsheen
Taylor -- G -- Murdock
Berryman -- RFB -- Ross
Allen -- LFB -- Mills
McDonald -- RHB -- E. Lorimer
Carnihan -- CHB -- Thompson
Robertson -- LHB -- Watkins
Forrest -- OR -- Cook
Purvis -- IR -- Dixon
Stark -- CF -- Turner
Rollo -- IL -- Smith
Goldie -- OL -- R. Lorimer
Goals: Purvis, 4; Stark 2. Referee: George Young. Linesmen: James Walder and Fred Smart, Philadelphia. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club