The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
December 30, 1927
Also Home and Home Games For Every Round, American Soccer League Arranges.

The Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club will meet the New York Nationals in the first round of the American Soccer League Cup competition for the H. E. Lewis trophy, was the result of the pairing made by the league moguls at a special meeting held in New York City on Thursday night. Simultaneously a meeting of the United States Football Association was held at which the pairing for the first round of the National Cup Competition.

The plan in vogue in the American Cup Competition in previous seasons was slightly altered in that the winner of each round will be decided on a goal scoring basis. Previously this plan existed only in the semi-final and final rounds but will be resorted to in every round this season How the league executives expect to play that many games with all the other competition that will have to be played is beyond comprehension and indicates that the soccer season will infringe extensively on the baseball season. This, many soccer critics contend is an entirely wrong attitude of the league executives and will have a tendency in detracting most interest at the tail end of the season.

In addition to the twenty-eight league games for which a [ . . . ] months is allotted and which it [ . . . ] correctly only thirteen games were possible in a similar period last year he team will have to play in the two cup competitions and the round robin series at the close of the league season between the winners of the first and second half of the league to decide the league championship. During much of this period the league will also have to gamble with unfavorable weather conditions with the probability that quite a few playing dates will be lost. However, the vote was taken and the twenty-eight games schedule adopted.

The first round American Cup games will be played on January 21 and 22, with the pairings as follows.

January 21

Bethlehem vs. NY Nationals, at Bethlehem

Coats vs. Fall River, at Pawtucket, R. I.

NY Giants vs. Newark F. C., at Newark.

New Bedford vs. Providence, at New Bedford.

Boston vs. Brooklyn, at Boston.

January 22.

NY Nationals vs. Bethlehem, Polo Grounds, NY

Fall River vs. Coats, at Fall River.

Newark vs. Giants, at Newark.

Providence vs. New Bedford, at Providence.

Brooklyn vs. Boston, at Brooklyn.

The league ordered the game to be replayed between New Bedford and the N. Y. Giants in New York on January 7. This will be the day previous to the Bethlehem-Giants game to be played in New York and which concludes the first half of the league schedule for the Steelmen.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club