The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, December 31, 1917
Soccer Notes

Johnny Small, the clever fullback of Disston, says he intends to get right down to training now that he is likely to fill the left halfback position instead of Spalding, next Saturday against Bethlehem. Johnny has lots of good football left in him yet and what is more has the experience which makes him a mighty handy man to have around.

Some of the experts who have witnessed Johnny Walders, referee this season claim that he is the best whistle tooter in Philadelphia. This sounds good from a referee standpoint, especially as several of the magnates claim that the referees' lot is not a happy one.

Speaking of referees one of the veteran Philadelphia magnate says that he was of the opinion that the referees of today do not compare to those seven or eight years ago, when such well known officials as Philip Bishop, Edward Waldern, James Danby and David Gould held the indicators.

Arrangements will be made this week to have Disstons ball Park in playing shape for the Disstons-Bethlehem third round national cup match. Manager Bedford also announced last night that there is not the slightest truth in the statement that Aleck McLaughlin had decided to quit the game.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club