The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, December 31, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Says Levi Wilcox
"IT may not be generally known," writes Levi Wilcox, soccer critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer, "that Archie Stark, the center forward of the Bethlehem team, was born and raised in Newark, N. J. Stark is one of the few American players who seems qualified enough to make the grade in first class soccer in England and Scotland." Continuing, he refers to the brilliant Bethlehem center forward with the following:

"While Stark is known all over the American League circuit as a deadly shot, yet for all around brilliance at center forward he is almost on a par with the versatile Harold Brittan who played with Chelsea in the English League before coming to this country, where he first sported the Bethlehem's colors.

"Stark is one of the few players who, besides holding the goal scoring record in the A. L., also gives his inside and wing players a chance to score through the clever manner in opening out the game for his henchmen.

"Last year the Bethlehem center forward had the honor of scoring sixty-seven goals in league matches. We cannot recall a forward in any league who has even equaled that record. All of which is phenomenal considering the class of the teams Stark goes up against in the big professional circuit.

"Stark was a member of the Bethlehem team that toured Norway and Sweden in 1919. He was not the same Stark however, in those days, as far as being able to score goals is concerned. If memory serves us right he played inside right before signing with Bethlehem, though on rare occasions he cavorted at center forward with the teams around Newark and New York."

With but one exception local soccer fans will accept the tribute to the Bethlehem player with unanimous vote, and that one exception is placing him "almost on a par" in versatility with Harold Brittan, the Fall River center forward and manager. To Bethlehem fans and many others, particular in the Jersey and metropolitan district, Stark is an equal of the Fall River manager, and if the choice of the two players was open to other clubs, it is believed that Stark would receive preference. The goal scoring ability of the Bethlehem center offsets whatever superiority in any other department that might e attributed to Brittan. Stark is the type of player who is popular with his teammates. His goal scoring record might be materially boosted but for his unselfish nature. He is not the type of player to freeze his coworkers on the front line, but with no personal laurels at stake, plays heart and soul for victory for his team.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club