The Globe-Times Ė Bethlehem
Friday, December 31, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Fletcher Negotiates Big Soccer Deal
One of the biggest soccer deals ever negotiated and consummated at what in soccer would be regarded as a princely fortune, went over the boards when Sam Fletcher, manager of the Providence club and former Bethlehem Steel back, acting for his owners, purchased the franchise of the defunct Springfield Club of the American Soccer League. With the franchise went the entire Springfield works, players, uniforms, and everything. As it now stands, Fletcher has more players on his hands than he really knows what to do with, but after weeding out and bolstering spots here and there, subsequent action will no doubt make it one of the biggest wholesale freeze outs in years. Itís a certainty that Providence will not carry its present roster and continue to operate with the entire Springfield Club. Providence apparently wants a winning team. It should have one, for the town is one of the best paying in the circuit.

Phillies Tottering; Wilcox Intimates
It certainly is no credit to Philadelphia in not being able to support a soccer team. And that is the condition in the Quaker town. Levi Wilcox, writing in the Philadelphia Inquirer, writes that the Phillies are totter and hints that the franchise will likely be sold or transferred to another city. For some reason or other the Quaker City populace does not take strong to soccer and itís not because they do not have a winning team. It will be recalled that some years ago, Bethlehem, with a championship aggregation, transferred to the Quaker burg and operated a winning team under Philadelphia colors for one year. They were glad to get back to Bethlehem, even through the best the home town fans were doing was in giving the gate a mere corporalís guard attendance. The Phillies just wonít hone in and make soccer a sport. Probably in a few years if Philadelphia loses the franchise, such action would be regretted.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club