The Inquirer – Philadelphia
April 9, 1915 – page 15
American League Champions Will Meet Fall River Rovers and New Bedford
All-Americans and Anglo-Saxon Elevens to Play Benefit Match on Saturday, April 17

Secretary Trend of the Bethlehem Soccer Club, announced last night at the semi-monthly meeting of the American League held last night at The Inquirer Building, that he had completed arrangements for his team to make a tour of the New England States, starting April 16, and winding up on April 20. During this trip Fall River Rovers and the New Bedford eleven will be met and it is likely that other teams will be on the schedule, provided the players are able to prolong their stay. Bethlehems are the present champions of the American League and also the finalists for the United States of America Cup, which will played early in May.

The banquet committee, composed of Thomas Ferns, James McPete and John Bedford, announced that final arrangements had been completed for the first annual banquet of the league, to take place at Green’s Hotel Friday evening, May 14. Besides the banquet there will be addresses by several prominent officials connected with the sport and also some of the city officials. Bethlehem and Victors, which have captured first and second places respectively in the league series, will be presented with the cup and medals. Bethlehem receiving the cup and gold medals, while Victors will be presented with silver medals.

Owing to Bethlehem not being able to take part in the benefit match which has been arranged two teams called the Anglo-Saxons and the All-Americans, scheduled at Third and Lehigh avenue Saturday, April 18, on account of being on tour at that date, a game will be staged later in Bethlehem between Bethlehem and the pick of the American League. Manager Bientzle, of the Victors, received consent for the Victors to meet the Hibernians at Third street and Lehigh avenue on Saturday. In the absence of Secretary E. M. Jones, Mr. Trend, of Bethlehem, officiated in his stead at the meeting.

The teams which will meet in the benefit match Saturday, April 17, ar as follows:

All-Americans – Positions – Anglo-Saxon
Pearce (Victors) – Goal – Ness (Disston)
Heinbecker (Hibernian) – Right full-back – McLaughlin (Victors)
Spaulding – Left full-back – McEwen (Disstons)
J. Scott – Right half-back – McLachlan (West Phila.)
Wilson – Center half-back – Fisher (West Phila.)
Waltermate – Left half-back – Ricahrdson (Hibernians)
Courser (Hibernians) – Outside right – Russell (Rangers F. C.)
M. Barrett – Inside right – Rogers (Disstons)
Foster (Victors) – Center forward – Gallagher (Victors)
T. Gaynor (Victors) – Inside left – Morrison (West Phila.)
W. Hurgin (Hibernians) – Outside left – Andrews (Disstons)

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club