Pepper Scores Only Goal in Match With Picked Team Away Down East
Steelmen Repulse Stiff Attack in Second Half, and Assuming Defensive, Rush Ball and Make Tally

Bethlehems, of Pennsylvania, and an all-star picked team of Fall River and Boston, played an exhibition game here today the Rovers’ grounds. Bethlehems won 1 to 0 by scoring in the second half of the game.

Ideal weather prevailed, and a fairly good crowd witnessed the game. Bethlehem won by one goal to nothinh after a hard and fast contest.

The visitors used three new men in today’s line-up: Lance, Foote and Graham, taking Fletcher, Murray and Clarke’s places. Bethlehems had its work cut out to win. For the second time Captain Morrison won the toss and chose the wind at his back. The play was fast and exciting, with the ball going from one end of the field to the other, each goal having several narrow escapes. After fifteen minutes play, Millar was injured and had to leave the field, but pluckily resumed play a short time afterward. Holmes, left halfback, had Fleming well watched and the visitors’ speedy outside left seldom got going in the first half.

On the restart all-star attacked fiercely and Duncan, Foote and Ferguson were kept busy. However, after a fine run down the field by the Bethlehem forward line, Pepper opened the scoring for the visitors. Play now became fast, and Foote, in clearing, handled the ball, thereafter promptly awarding a penalty, which Riley failed to cover, and shortly afterward time was called.

For the locals, Stone, Riley, and Burns were the best, while Ford and Ferguson starred for Bethlehems. Bethlehem – Positions. -- Fall River
Duncan – G -- Albion
Ferguson – R. F. B. -- Burns
Foote -- L. F. B. -- Riley
Campbell – R. H. B. -- Holmes
Morrison – C. H. B. -- Banohard
Lance – L. H. B. -- Stone
Ford – O. R. -- Gray
Graham – I. R. -- Mackman
Millar – C. F. -- Smith
Pepper – I. L. -- Daley
Fleming – O. L. -- McLean
Goals scored – Pepper 1. Referee – G. Datson of New Bedford. Linesmen – Clarke and Jones.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club