The Post – Pittsburgh
April 6, 1915
Bethlehem Wins from Homestead
Western Pennsylvania Team Eliminated From Soccer Title Contest.

BETHLEHEM, Pa., April 5 – In Taylor stadium at Lehigh University this afternoon Bethlehem, by a score of 4 goals to 1, eliminated Homestead from the national challenge cup soccer competition. Bethlehem now qualifies for the final round. A crowd of nearly 4,000 saw the contest.

Bet it said for Homestead that the Western players put up a plucky game. They lacked power, however, and showed poor combination work. They were totally outclassed, seven-eighths of the contest by the wonderful team work of Bethlehem. Pepper, Clarke, Fleming, Ford and Campbell did spectacular combination playing. Campbell received a broken nose early in the game, but doggedly played throughout.

While Bethlehem was able to keep the ball in the visitors’ territory practically all the game, and time and again had opportunities to score, bad cross shots and wide drives kept down a big score. Homestead’s goal and one of Bethlehem’s had a large element of luck to them. The lineup:

Brown – G. -- Duncan
Henney – R. F. – Fletcher Howe – L. F. -- Toole
Hulme – R. H. -- Campbell
Lumsden – C. H. -- Clarke
Leith – L. H. -- Morrison
Crawley – O. R. -- Ford
Young – I. R. -- Murray
Ratray – C. F. -- Miller
Lowther – I. L. -- Pepper
Patterson – O. L. -- Fleming
Goals – Ford 3, Fleming 1 (penalty) Young. Referee – Smithson, New York. Linesmen – James Walters and George Young of Philadelphia. William Palmer of Philadelphia, delegate of U. S. F. A. Time of halves – 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club