Philadelphia Record
October 4, 1915
Peabody vs. Hibs; Disston vs. Wanderers and Putnam vs. Viscose Local Schedule.
Qualifying Round Must Be Played by Oct. 24, and First Round by Nov. 14.

Eighty eight association football teams, including nine from this city and vicinity, have entered the annual competition for the National Cup conducted by the United States Football Association. The teams are distributed throughout the country divided into 10 districts. The draw for the qualifying and first round was made yesterday in New York. The qualifying round is to be played on or before Sunday, October 24, while the first round is scheduled to be played on or before Sunday, November 14. Thereafter a round will be played each month, the losing teams dropping out and the winners meeting in subsequent rounds.

In the first round Peabody will play against the Hibernians on the formers' grounds; Disston is to clash with Wanderers at Tacony, while Putnam will meet Viscose. The winner of the Nativity Men's Club vs. Bethlehem East End will line up against Bethlehem, the present cup holder.

The complete draw follows, games to be played on first named club's grounds:


Connecticut district: Naugatuck F. C. vs. Bridgeport Rangers F. C.

Rhode Island district: Plainfield F. C. vs. Smithfield Avenue men's Club; Crompton F. C. vs. Greystone A. C. F. C.

Eastern Pennsylvania district: Nativity Men's Club vs. Bethlehem East End F.C.

Western Pennsylvania district: Pittsburgh Rovers' F. C. vs. Braddock F. C.; Treveskyn F. C. vs. Donora S. W. F. C.

Chicago district: MacDuff F. C. vs. Chicago American F. C.; Campbell Rovers vs. Hyde Park Blues.

New York and New Jersey district: Haledon Thistles vs. I. R. T. Strollers; Clan MacDuff vs. Alley Boys; Camerons vs. Greenpoint; Our Boys vs. Greenville; New York Hibernians vs. Clan MacDonald.

Detroit district: Caledonians vs. St. George; Detroit vs. Baudette United.

Cleveland district: Woodland Rovers vs. Sons of St. George.

Massachusetts district: Hose Eleven, of New Bedford vs. Cove Albion; New Bedford Cotton Mills vs. Beehive Rangers; Gem A. A. vs. Pan-Americans; Taunton City vs. Boston Americans; Lynn Hibernians vs. St. George A. A.; Clan MacPherson vs. Clan Lindsaw; Swedish-Americans vs. Lynn Fosse.


Connecticut district: Bridgeport City vs. Naugatuck of Bridgeport Rangers.

Rhode Island district: Howard and Bullough vs. Crompton or Greystone A.C.; Plainfield or Smithfield Avenue vs. J. & P. Coates.

Northwestern New York district: Celtic or Rochester City vs. General Electric of Schenectady.

Western Massachusetts district: Farr Alpaca vs. Chicopee Rovers.

Eastern Pennsylvania district: Peabody vs. Hibernians; Disston vs. Wanderers; Putnam vs. Viscose; Nativity Men's Club or Bethlehem East Ends vs. Bethlehem Steel Co.

Western Pennsylvania district: Treveskyn or Donora vs. Beadling; Pittsburgh Rovers or Braddock vs. Homestead.

Chicago district: Campbell Rovers or Hyde Park vs. MacDuffs or Chicago Americans; Pullman vs. Bricklayers and Masons.

New York and New Jersey district: Jersey A. C. vs. Scottish-Americans; Brooklyn F. C. vs. Yonkers; West Hudson vs. New York Hibernians of Clan MacDonald; Brooklyn Celtics vs. Our Boys or Greenville; Haledon Thistles or I. R. T. Strollers vs. Columbia Oval; Clan MacDuff or Alley Boys vs. Babcock & Wilcox; Continentals vs. Camerons or Green Point.

Detroit district: Caledonia or St. George vs. Roses; Packard vs. Detroit or Beaudette United.

Cleveland district: Woodlawn Rovers or Sons of St. George vs. Cleveland; Thistles vs. Akron.

Massachusetts district: Brockton vs. New Bedford Celtic; New Bedford vs. Andover United; Charlestown vs. Gem A. A> or Pan-Americans; Fore River vs. Lawrence; Fall River Rovers vs. Clan McPherson or Clan Lindsay; Taunton City or Boston Americans vs. Hose Eleven of New Bedford, or Cove Albion; New Bedford Cotton Mills or Beehive Rangers vs. Lynn Hibernians or St. George; Swedish Americans or Lynn Rosse vs. General Electric.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club