Philadelphia Record
October 17, 1915
Boys' Club Holds Champions to 3 to 0 Score.

Bethlehem, Pa., October 16. -- The Boys' Club held Bethlehem Steel Company F. C. to a 3 to 0 score in an American League match here today.

The field was slippery from yesterday's rain and greatly inconvenienced the players. The Philadelphians had but three tries at scoring during the contest, while Bethlehem had 26 in the first half and 22 in the second. Most of them were wild kicks.

In the matter of corner kicks, Bethlehem forced ten, while the visitors had none. The Boys' Club had ten free kicks, however, on account of the local team's offside playing. The visitors were penalized only three times for offside work. Kerr, the visitors' goalkeeper, and the backs of the Boys' Club saved no less than a dozen goals. The Boys' Club had little chance to score save once, when Scaife made a brilliant save. The visitors lacked teamwork. Bethlehem's combination work was always effective in advancing the ball.

Boys' Club -- Positions -- Bethlehem
Kerr -- Goal -- Scaife
Fleck -- Right full-back -- Fletcher
Watson -- Left full-back -- McGelvey
Walker -- Right half-back -- Murray
McDonough -- Center half-back -- Clarke
Hanson -- Left half-back -- Morrison
Buckhather -- Outside right -- Gaynor
Cluderay -- Inside right -- Graham
McIntyre -- Center forward -- Brown
Hastle -- Inside left -- Pepper
Montgomery -- Outside left -- Fleming
Goals scored by Clarke, Fleming and Pepper. Referee J. H. Carpenter, Bethlehem. Linesmen -- Opperman, Philadelphia, Lyons, Bethlehem. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club