Philadelphia Record
October 31, 1915
Bethlehem Blasts Their American Cup Hopes to Tune of 6 to 0.

Bethlehem, Pa., Oct. 30 -- The Bethlehem Steel Company team, National Cup holders, this afternoon eliminated the Hibernians, of Philadelphia, here in the first round of the American Cup competition, 6 goals to 0. A strong west wind prevented both teams from showing their full ability, and consequently the game developed into a rush and kicking contest. Although the visitors played a plucky game, they lacked good combinations and were unable to get through Bethlehem's Gibraltar of a defense.

Bethlehem won the toss and kicked off with a strong wind at its back, which did not deter the Hibernians from breaking away and rushing the ball to Bethlehem's goal. Gallagher missed an easy chance of putting his team in the lead in the first few minutes of play. Fleming thereafter centered splendidly several times, and Clarke should have scored twice, but Goalkeeper Hughes was on the job and made sensational plays. After forcing several corners in quick succession, McDonald beat Hughes with a low ground drive. Up to that time the Hibernians' goalkeeper had played a spectacular game, giving one of the best exhibitions seen on the local field. After 33 minutes of play, Jones, the visitors' right half-back, had the misfortune to head the ball into his own goal, thereby giving Bethlehem another valuable point. The first half ended by the score of 2 goals to 0.

On the restart, the Hibs attacked fiercely, but Bethlehem's defense held up well. After 20 minutes of play the visitors seemed to weaken, and, with both of Bethlehem's wings working well, four goals were added in quick succession by Dan and Peppe, and Fleming, two.

Hibernians. -- Positions. -- Bethlehem.
Hughes -- Goal -- Duncan
Jones -- Right half-back -- Fletcher
Wilson -- Left half-back -- Ferguson
Rawson -- Right half-back -- Clarke
Richardson -- Center half-back -- Clarke
Robinson -- Left half-back -- Morrison
Barrett -- Outside right -- Dean
R. Burgin -- Inside right -- McDonald
Gallagher -- Center forward -- Pepper
McCafferty -- Inside left -- Brown
W. Burgin -- Outside left -- Fleming
Goals -- McDonald, Jones, Pepper, Fleming, 2; Dean. Referee -- George Alle, Philadelphia, Bethlehem. Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club