Bethlehem Booster
February 17, 1919

It is one thing to win a game and another thing to know that it was in the other fellow’s back yard where you did it and another thing to realize that by winning that particular game it made your team a semi-finalist in the American Challenge Cup Series. This is all the result of a pleasant little game of soccer football, way down yonder in the cornfield. No, way down yonder in that skinny field in Jersey where the Federal Shipbuilding A. A. (Ancient Alibis) stood up before your machine gun fire on Sunday, January 25th. True we only scored two goals, but, likewise truthfully speaking, our worthy opponents scored nary a one, and in this game, like most others (except give-away checkers), the one who gets the most wins. Eighteen minutes after the battle royal was opened, McKelvey scored on a double pass from Fleming and Easton. Of course, Mack has done the same thing before, but this goal is all the more remarkable because the two fullbacks for the Jerseyites were all the way from Montreal. They were two more Macks, McDonald and McCollough, and there was also a new face at outside left. They say his name was Allan, formerly of Bridgeport (Connecticut or Pennsylvania, take your choice).

In the second half we scored again, this time Fleming, who was in great form during the whole game, beat Montreal and shot the one ball in the upper right hand pocket and took the pot, a la Kelly pool. It was not an easy game, but Federals never had a real chance to win.

The lineup:

Bethlehem – Federals
Duncan – G -- Snables
Fletcher – RFB – McDonald
Wilson – LFB – McCullough
Pepper – RHB – Hedson
Kirkpatrick – CHB – Ingram
Graham – LHB – Forsythe
McKelvey – OR – Forfer
Forrest – IR – Aitken
Easton – CF – Fisher
Millar – IL – Stewart
Fleming – OL – Allan

Goals: McKelvey, Fleming. Linesmen: Morrison, Bethlehem; and York, Feds. Referee – Cunningham, New York. 45-minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club