The Globe -- Fall River, Mass.
December 5, 1924
Indiana Star and Former Bethlehem Player Charged With Marrying Wife of Sheridan, Steelmakers Trainer

BETHLEHEM, Penn., Dec. 5 - Daniel McNiven, a well known former center forward on the Bethlehem Steel soccer team and now playing with Indian Flooring, is being held in New York city on a charge of knowledge of entering a bigamous marriage proferred by William Sheridan, manager of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team and wrestling coach who charges that on Oct. 21, 1923, McNiven and Mrs. Sheridan, mother of six children, were married at the Morningside Avenue and 122nd Street Presbyterian church, New York City by Rev. Paul E. Baker.

Mrs. Sheridan, according to her husband, was married under her maidan name, Lucy Gordon, and gave her address as 1914 Broadway, Bethlehem. Last Sunday, Sheridan searched through the marriage records of many New York churches making this discovery, he says. He immeduately swore out a warrant for McNiven's arrest. He was taken into custody by Edward Fitzgerald of the 12th District, New York police and will be given a hearing in New York today when he will be confronted by Sheridan with four witnesses from Bethlehem.

Mrs. Sheridan is at present is believed to be on her way from her former home in Dumbarton, Scotland, to America. She left this country on Oct. 25, 1924. One week after she [. . .]Sheridan was served with papers in a divorce proceeding started by his wife in which she charged cruel and barbarous treatment. She retained Russell C. Mauch assistant district attorney as her counsel.

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