The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
January 1, 1927

[Following is excerpted from a review article covering the year in sports.]

1 – Bethlehem Steel soccer team starts year by defeating New York Giants, 1 to 0 at New York.
2 – Bethlehem Steel soccer team loses to Providence here, 3 to 0.
3 – Undefeated Wanderers soccer team keeps up good work by defeating Reading Lone Stars, 6 to 2.
9 – Bethlehem Steel scores five goals to New York Giants two and wins in soccer.
16 – Steel soccer team wallops Newark in a league game, 5 to 1.
23 – Steel soccer team loses to Wolfenden in an exhibition game in Philadelphia, 5 to 1.
30 – Fall River equalizes score in last five minutes and holds Bethlehem Steel to a tie score at one all on the home loam.

13 – Steel soccer stars advance in semi-final round of the National Cup by winning from Philadelphia, 2 to 1.
27 – Steel soccer team overwhelms Newark to win 8 goals to none.

13 – Steel soccer team moves into the National Cup finals by defeating New York Giants, 2 to 1.
20 – Steel soccer stars win Eastern final of National Cup race against J & P Coats, 3 to 1.
27 – Bethlehem Steel soccer team defeats New Bedford, 4 to 1 on home field.
28 – Steel soccer team earns a 3 goal draw with Brooklyn Wanderers at Brooklyn.

3 – Steel soccer boys play a tie with Boston.
4 – Steel soccer team are beaten by Providence, 2 to 1.
11 – Bethlehem Steel soccer stars win National Cup title from Ben Millers of St. Louis, at Ebbetts Field, Brooklyn, overwhelming the westerners, 7 to 2.
17 – Steel soccer team advances in American League Cup game by winning from Philadelphia, one goal to none.
24 – Bethlehem Steel soccer team downs Newark, 4 to 0.

8 – New Bedford wins from Bethlehem Steel, 4 to 1.
9 – Indiana Flooring, of New York, noses out the Steel soccer stars, 3 to 2 in a hard fought game.
15 – Steel soccer team wins first of 2 games to be played for American Soccer Cup from New York Giants, here, 2 to 0.
16 – Bethlehem Steel is eliminated from the American Cup race by losing to the New York Giants 9 to 3 at New York.
23 – Steel soccer team loses to Fall River, 2 to 1.

2 – H. E. Lewis tenders dinner to Bethlehem Steel soccer team at Hotel Bethlehem.

12 – Management of Bethlehem soccer team announces securing new men but refused to divulge their names at this time.
30 – Plans outlined for the organization of the Bethlehem Soccer Booster Club.

16 – Goalie with the Bethlehem soccer team for three years, Dave Carson left for Boston where he affiliated with the Springfield Club, the new member of the American Soccer League..
23 – Announcement made that Dave Edwards, goalie, and Tom Gillespie, a forward, were signed to Bethlehem soccer contract.

1 – James Barrie, formerly affiliated with Queens Bart Club, of Scotland, signed as a back with the Bethlehem soccer team.
6 – Bethlehem soccer season was launched when the Blues defeated the Whites in a benefit game. Both teams were selected from among the players of the Bethlehem Steel team.
11 – Bethlehem soccer team won its first American League game, defeating Newark at the latter place by the score of 4 to 1.
18 – Bethlehem soccer team battled Fall River to a scoreless tie on the home field in the first meeting of the rivals this season.
19 – Bethlehem Steel soccer team defeated New York Giants on the latter’s field, 2 goals to 1.
25 – Bethlehem Steel made a runaway game against Newark, delivering the Jerseymen by the score of 7 to 1. 26 – In the Sunday game the Steel soccer team was forced to share the points with Brooklyn, the final count being 2 all.

2 – Bethlehem Steel soccer team won a double header over the weekend defeating the New York Giant, 3 to 1, and Providence by the same score.
9 – Bethlehem soccer team and Indiana played a 1 goal draw on the local field.
17 – Playing at Fall River, Bethlehem was defeated by the Marksmen, 2 to 1.
23 – Bethlehem Steel soccer team had an easy time defeating Springfield, 5 to 0.
30 – Bethlehem soccer team and Boston played a one goal draw on the Bethlehem field.

6 – Bethlehem Steel’s soccer team registered a dual victory over the weekend, defeating J & P Coats 1 to 0, and Newark, 3 to 1.
13 – Bethlehem soccer team increased its lead in the American League by defeating New Bedford, 4 to 0.
20 – Bethlehem’s soccer team scored a decisive win over Providence, winning 4 to 0.
21 – Bethlehem Wanderers’ soccer team jolted the Germania Club, of Reading, by the score of 6 to 2.
25 – Bethlehem’s soccer team captured the league game with Philadelphia by the close score of 2 goals to 1.
27 – Bethlehem’s soccer team scored its first victory of the season over Fall River, winning on the home pitch by the decisive score of 4 goals to 0.

4 – Playing at Boston, the Bethlehem Steel soccer team lost its third game of the season to the Hubmen, score 2 to 0.
11 – Bethlehem Soccer team […] game from the Brooklyn Wanderers on the home field, 4 goals to […]
25 – Bethlehem’s soccer team won the Christmas Day game played at home, defeating the Philadelphia F. C., 3 to 1.

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