The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
January 1, 1929

[NOTE: In my transcription of this year-end round-up article, I have included only those sections pertaining the Bethlehem Steel F. C.]


1. Bethlehem soccer team lost to Boston, 5 to 2.

7. Bethlehem soccer team lost game to N. Y. Giants, 5 to 3.

14. Bethlehem soccer team upsets Philadelphia Centennials in second round National Cup, 3 to 1.

21. Bethlehem soccer team superior to N. Y. Nationals, won 3 to 1.


4. The Brooklyn Wanderers eliminated the Bethlehem soccer team in the National Cup competition after two extra fifteen minute sessions of play, winning 3 to 2.

11. Bethlehem soccer team defeated Providence in a league game, 3 to 2.

12. After dropping all four clashes, Fall River finally conquers Bethlehem, 2 to 1.

25. Bethlehem soccer team defeated and drew with the Giants and New Bedford, respectively, in the weekend games.


3. The Bethlehem soccer team qualified for final round in the American Soccer League cup competition, defeating Newark, 3 to 1.

11. New York Nationals, Eastern finalist in the National Challenge Cup, lost to Bethlehem in a league game, 4 to 0.

17. Fall River and Providence were defeated by the Bethlehem team over the weekend.

26. Brooklyn and Newark bowed to Bethlehem in league soccer games over weekend.


7. Bethlehem soccer team defeated Boston in first game of final round in the American Cup competition for the H. E. Lewis trophy.

14. The Lewis trophy, coveted soccer prize aimed at by professional clubs was won by Bethlehem, drawing with Boston at 2 goals each.


5. Bethlehem Steel in scoreless tie with Providence soccerites.

12. Bethlehem Steel and New York National soccerites in scoreless tie.

27. Steel soccer team defeated by Providence, 3-2.


4. Bethlehem Steel soccer team defeats New York Nationals, 2 to 1.

9. Boston soccer eleven defeats Bethlehem Steel, 3 to 1.


15. Steel soccer team begins preliminary training

16. Bethlehem Steel announces soccer schedule.

22. Massie Mulhall and Delaney signed with Steel soccer club.

28. Bethlehem steel does not fair so well in soccer draw.


3. Brooklyn Wanderers defeat Bethlehem Steel soccer team by the score of 1-0 in opening American League soccer game.

4. Bethlehem Steel soccer team opens local season auspiciously with 5-1 victory over Newark.

11. Bethlehem Soccer Booster Club decides to again pep up sport.

17. Bethlehem steel soccer management announces decision to enter National Cup tie tournament.

20. American Soccer League issues ultimatum to Bethlehem not to enter the National Cup tie. Bethlehem replies that it will do as heretofore announced -- enter the competition.

25. American Soccer League suspends Bethlehem, Newark, and New York Giants and fines each $1,000 for not obeying ultimatum of league not to enter National Cup tie competition.

26. Bethlehem Soccer Booster Club endorses local soccer team's stand.

29. Plans made for formation of new professional soccer league at meeting in New York City. Eight clubs to be included with Bethlehem as one of them.


4. American Soccer League is suspended by U. S. F. A.

9. Eastern Soccer League formally organized with Bethlehem Steel soccer team as a member.

11. Bethlehem Soccer Booster club endorses new Eastern Soccer League.

14. Bethlehem Steel soccer team wins opening Eastern League contest over the New York Giants, 3-2.

16. Fred Pepper, of Bethlehem, honored by being elected vice president of Eastern Pennsylvania District Soccer Football Association.

24. Interest keen in Lehigh Valley Soccer League.


7. Bethlehem Steel soccer team defeats Centennials, of Philadelphia, in exhibition soccer game.

14. Agar, manager of Brooklyn Wanderers soccer team and others are suspended by U. S. F. A.


2. New York Giants administer 2-0 beating to Bethlehem Steel soccer team to give t hem their first defeat in Eastern Soccer League.

10. Bethlehem Steel soccer team defeats Hakoah All-Stars, 8-3.

11. Admission to home soccer games cut to fifty cents.

23. Bethlehem Steel soccer team defeats Hakoah All-Stars of New York, for fourth time this year.

25. Bethlehem Steel defeats Centennial soccer team at Philadelphia before large holiday crowd.

29. Bethlehem steel soccer team defeats Philadelphia Centennials here by score of 5-0.

30. Bethlehem Steel soccermen defeat Hispano at New York City by 6-3 score.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club