The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, January 2, 1920
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Interest in Saturday's Soccer Game
Much interest is centered in the soccer game to be played on Bethlehem Steel tomorrow afternoon when the Steel Workers try conclusions with Federal Ship in an American Cup competition. Federals come here probably the strongest team Bethlehem has faced here this season and from the outcome of the clash Bethlehem's chances of again winning the championship may be fairly judged. The Federals have met Robins Dry Dock and Morse Dry Dock, the two strongest contenders for the honors and although defeated, remained in the running until the closing minutes of play in each game when a one point lead decided their fate. In the National League the Federals have scored seven more points than Bethlehem. However, the New Yorkers also played five more games. Of the nine games played by the Federals, three were won, two resulted in a draw and four were lost.

Robins Down Pick of St. Louis
The Robins Dry Docks soccer team, which this year has taken the trip to St. Louis to meet the pick of soccer players in that district, scored a 3 to 1 victory in the opening contest of a three game series. Last year Bethlehem invaded the lair of the St. Louis players and won two of three games played. Two of the three points made by the Shipbuilders yesterday were scored by Harry Ratican, the former Bethlehem Steel player, who featured throughout the game. "Bob" Millar, also a former Bethlehem player, was one of the stars of the contest. Commenting on the game, a press dispatch says:

"Harry Ratican, born and bred in St. Louis, who visited there three times with the Bethlehem eleven, was the star for the Brooklyn aggregation. Ratican possessed the scoring punch and he proved that he has not lost any of his soccer ability. He scored two goals for Robins and the third point was tainted, as it was sent against the St. Louis net by the local fullback, who tried to stop a shot from Ratican. The Robins center, after scoring two points made a perfect pass and the ball skipped off Hack's right toe against the net.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club