The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 2, 1923
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Fleming, Ferguson & Co.
On Saturday afternoon on the Bethlehem Steel Field, Whitey Fleming, Jock Ferguson and Company of former Bethlehem F. C. players will display their wares in their former lair for the first time this season when the J & P Coats team, of Pawtucket, R. I., comes here to meet the Steel Workers. This is the one big game that soccer enthusiasts have anxiously awaited and the visitors will undoubtedly be cordially greeted by their host of admirers. In the guise of friendly enemies, will the former Bethlehem stars, who suddenly quit the team last season, invade this city. To the leaving of these players is attributed the present status of the Bethlehem F. C., which was compelled to completely reorganize and is experiencing trouble in striking the former championship stride.

Interest Will Center in Forward Line
When Whitey Fleming decided to leave for other climes many of the red hot enthusiasts were inclined to view his going as a matter of little importance, contending that Whitey had reached the veteran age and was due to slip. However, the playing of the speedy wingman thus far this season, would indicate the opposite for glowing reports telling of the flashy work of Fleming are received from Pawtucket, R. I. However, Bethlehem has likewise replaced the vacancy with a player by the name of Goldie, and this chap is by no means a slouch but rather enjoys the distinction of being the strongest and most finished asset on the Bethlehem forward line. A comparison of merit between Fleming and Goldie should provide an interesting topic for argument. As for Jock Ferguson on the defense there can be little comparison for when Jock left Bethlehem he was the peer in his position and is holding down his new position with the same effectiveness that brought Bethlehem championships. Even the most ardent followers of the home team concede that Bethlehem has no man in the backfield of the caliber of Ferguson. The battle of these friendly enemies should prove one of the most interesting soccer attractions scheduled for the winter season.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club