Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Thursday, January 2, 1930
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Not To Be
Another week rolls around and Fall River succeeds in keeping up its defeated record in the Atlantic Coast Soccer League and gradually strengthening its league leading position in the championship race. When the Marksmen were scheduled to open the new year playing at New Bedford there were many soccer followers, locally at least, who had fond hopes that the Marksmen would meet their Waterloo on the mud soaked pitch at New Bedford but it was not to be, evident by the final numerals of 4 to 1, disclosing the fact that the game was not even close. Now that New Bedford fell down in its ambition let it be hoped that the Marksmen continue their victorious gallop until they invade Bethlehem which in all likelihood will be a week Saturday and the homesters get a chance to turn a trick no other league club succeeded in accomplishing. The closest scare, perhaps, for the undefeated marksmen was on a recent visit of Bethlehem to the bailiwick of the Marksmen when a two-goal lead was snuffed out in a late rally and the final whistle found the tams deadlocked in a three-goal draw.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club