The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, January 3, 1923
Coats Eleven With Former Local Stars on it Will Clash Here

Bethlehem Steel soccer team had a hard work out yesterday afternoon in preparation for the big clash with the J & P Coats team of Pawtucket, on Saturday at the Steel Field. Coats defeated Bethlehem on December 10th at Pawtucket in a league game by the score of two goals to one and the locals are determined to even matters on Saturday. However, the new Bethlehem lineup have a great job on their hands to get the better of the visitors who have some of the best players in the game in their lineup including some former Bethlehem favorite who will not soon be forgotten by local fans. John Ferguson who held down the left back job on the old Bethlehem machine will be seen in that position for Coats. He is playing as good as ever which means that he is the best in the country. Playing the same position for Bethlehem will be his brother David who is also in the front rank of defenders and it will be interesting to compare the work of both men. Another former Bethlehem star in the Coats lineup is Tommy Fleming known to local fans as Whitey. He also has shown that his wonderful left foot is still a factor in any game and no defense can afford to get him the slightest chance to shoot. Fred Morley an old favorite on the Phillies last year is the star of the attack and is regarded as the best inside forward in the game. Fleming and Goldie the present stars of Bethlehem will be watched keenly by the fans who will be out to judge who is the best in the position that Whitey was "king" of for so many years. Goldie has made a great number of friends around the circuit and Fleming will do a great afternoon's work if he is to make local fans feel that he is still the leader in that position.

The field is in condition for the game and the fans should be treated to the fastest display of the year.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club