The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, January 3, 1929
Bethlehem and Newark Players on Hand But Field was Unplayable

The open winter experienced in outdoor sports to date was somewhat marred Tuesday when a heavy downpour of rain made fields unplayable and the Bethlehem soccer team was forced to cancel its game against Newark. A preliminary game scheduled between the El Dos de Mayo and the Colon S. C. was also called off.

Hoping that the rain would subside the Newark booters, headed by Tom Adams, were invited to come to Bethlehem when field conditions looked doubtful early in the morning. As a result the Newark clan and Bethlehem players were on hand but did not get into action.

The Bethlehem team will be away for two games over the weekend. On Saturday afternoon Bethlehem will clash with the Philadelphia Centennials on the latter's grounds and on Sunday will oppose the much improved Celtic team in a game to be played on the latter's new grounds at Paterson, N. J. The visit of Bethlehem to the new soccer city in the Eastern League is expected to draw a capacity crowd.

The game scheduled to be played in Bethlehem was not the only one washed out. All games scheduled in the Metropolitan district in the two leagues were canceled for the same reason.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club