The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Thursday, January 3, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

In Soccer as Well
Soccer had its prize "bone" some few years back and the mistake, if remembered correctly, executed by Tommy Murray, proved quite costly to Bethlehem. The game was in the final round in a cup classic played on the old Harrison Field, at Harrison, N. J., with Robins Dry Docks the opponent. The teams were deadlocked in the closing minutes of the final half. Robins broke away and started to attack the Bethlehem goal. During the raid Murray in his efforts to relieve the pressure succeeded, but to the horror of the Bethlehem cohorts when his apparently well-meant clearance bounced back into the enemy net. And that one goal decided the cup championship.

Time to Repair Damage
Of course any action that might or could be taken to bring the dissenting factions back into the fold to serve one body and one purpose cannot be accomplished overnight. It requires some time to reach the present status of affairs and just as much time would be required to smooth out all the kinks. The American Soccer League is outlawed and for this organization to receive a clean bill of health, a status absolutely necessary if their is to be a compromise, will require time in going through the regular routine of the U. S. F. A. Then, too, there are other clubs and particularly the Southern New York State Football Association that would have to be treated in the same manner, not forgetting the raft of individual players and executive suspensions.

A Two Division League
If harmony is established it is firmly believed that one of the conditions insisted upon will be to divide the loop into two divisions. The New England clubs confine their activity among member clubs in that section and the Metropolitan clubs comprise the other division with Philadelphia, Bethlehem and New Jersey clubs competing in the latter division. The experiment of the Eastern Soccer League with its short jumps to play games, forcibly brings out the vast saving in traveling expenditures. And that apparently has been the bone of contention for a good many years. The one big problem confronting a settlement is the situation in New York with four clubs.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club