The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Tuesday, January 4, 1927
League Leaders Given Occasional Setbacks – Coats Here on Saturday

The week’s respite in the American Soccer League scheduled occasioned by the unplayable condition of the home field last weekend should whet the appetite of the soccer enthusiasts for the contest to be played here on Saturday afternoon when Bethlehem, national champions, resume their league campaigning with J & P Coats, of Pawtucket.

While the thread makers do not occupy a formidable position in the American Soccer League standing, nevertheless the team ranks with several of the other cellar clubs in doing the unexpected at the most important times and usually inflicting these reverses against the topnotch clubs.

Cellar Clubs Doing Better

From the campaigning in the league of the last several weeks it is plainly evident that the strength of all the clubs is gradually developing on a more equal basis and the fact that some of these teams are low in the standing is due to inconsistency at the start of the season, when many were experimenting with new players and changes in positions.

Coats, Newark and Philadelphia are listed among the tail end clubs which have achieved the very unusual when they rose in great might and blasted the progress of several of the league leading clubs. Fall River might well attribute its standing in fourth place to the savages made by Philadelphia, the Quaker booters doing the three-time league champions twice out of three meetings. Boston may credit its temporary halt in climbing up on Bethlehem, the league leader, to the unexpected setback at the hands of Newark last Sunday.

Coats has performed equally as sensational, blasting the hopes of some of the other reputed stronger clubs with unexpected victories. Only recently when Bethlehem invaded the lair of the thread makers the league leaders and national champions had to extend themselves to their utmost to nose out a winner.

While the field was unfit for a game last Saturday, every effort will be made to get it into shape for this weekend. Much of the ice has been cleared off the playing surface and with weather anywhere near favorable this weekend the game is sure to be a certainty.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club