The Globe Bethlehem
Wednesday, January 5, 1921

The Babcock & Wilcox F. C., who play here on Saturday in a National League game, should proved good opposition for the Steel Workers despite the fact that they are not very prominent in the league standing. They were contenders for the American Cup until the fourth round, and it took the strong Erie A. A. to eliminate them. Several new players will be seen in the Babs lineup and the Steel Workers do not expect an easy time.

There will probably be one or two changes in the Bethlehem lineup from that which represented them last Saturday against the Robins, but nothing radical will be attempted because every point in the race for the pennant will be valuable when the schedule is completed.

Despite the strenuous nature of the game last Saturday with the Robins, all of the local players are in good shape with the expectation of Campbell, who received an injury to his right eye as the result of a crash with Clark.

Joe Morrison, a local product, will probably be seen in the Bethlehem forward line on Saturday, and many good judges expect to see him earn a permanent position. He has youth on his side, besides being fast and a good shot.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club