The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 5, 1925
Energetic Work Past Few Days Puts Playing Pitch in Good Shape

The art of dribbling, ball control, etc., applied strenuously these days on the Bethlehem Steel field by the soccer men were transformed into a beehive of activity in swinging a shovel in clearing the "beautiful" over the weekend, and reports from the camp of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team late this afternoon were to the effect that very little of the playing pitch remained covered with snow and that a practice would be possible for Wednesday afternoon in preparing for the home meeting with New Bedford on Saturday.

Drifts of three and four feet of snow were encountered by the army of snow shovelers, but once started, rapid progress was made in clearing the playing pitch. Wagons were engaged to haul the snow far to a side of the field to prevent in the event of a heavy thaw the water from flowing over the playing space and probably leaving the playing pitch caked with ice.

Players regret that the Fall River engagement scheduled for last Saturday could not have been played for the wearers of blue of the Bethlehem Steel were pitched to the right attitude to meet their heated New England rivals. In fact the team had pointed for this game and the result of the determined efforts were readily apparent in the recent contest. While the canceling of the game is regretted, it will probably do the players more good than harm. This is the first cancellation for Bethlehem, which team has been active every weekend with one or two games since the opening of the season. In fact, longer for on Labor Day the Steel Workers inaugurated their season with an exhibition game at Boston.

Players who have been nursing minor ills and bruises will be given an opportunity to mend thoroughly and New Bedford, on the visit here next Saturday will have to combat the fury of the Bethlehem offense and defense at its very best. In the New England clan, Bethlehem will meet one of the clubs that was successful in administering one of the few setbacks to the Steel Workers this season. One of the most recent accomplishments of New Bedford was to hold Brooklyn to a one goal draw. Since the Greater New Yorkers returned from their Western invasion, they cleaned up in every game until they tackled New Bedford.

As for the Fall River game canceled on Saturday, it is hardly possible that this contest will be played for a good many weeks. The schedule is complete until the last half, when the games will be included.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club