The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
January 6, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The League Championship
There is no use trying to kid oneself as to the outlook of the outcome of the three important soccer tilts to be waged over the weekend and in which is involved the first half championship of the American Soccer League. Boston should enter the tri-cornered argument, in which Bethlehem Steel and New Bedford will also be assigned an important role, an odds on favorite. The writer would rather have the tables reversed, with Bethlehem playing Newark and Boston the New York Giants. Newark does things unexpected at times, but usually does them when they catch other teams napping. In the tilt listed for Sunday afternoon on Jersey soil, Boston will be a very wide awake soccer club. Too much is at stake to enter that game over-confident and no quarter can be expected. The game will be waged with all the ferocity of a final round cup tie. Both Boston and Newark will be fresh teams, playing only the one game. The Steelmen will have the advantage of meeting the Giants on Sunday after the latter's anticipated hard game against New Bedford. However, the Giants are a sturdy crew and in a crucial series have probably prepared to stand up strong under the grind.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club