The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, January 7, 1920
A Swing Along Athletic Row

A. F. A. Responsible for Disappointment
"Billy" Sheridan, representing the Bethlehem F. C., journeyed to Newark, N. J., last night to fight the claim for the game and enter protest against Federal Ship F. C., of Newark, N. J., who failed to appear for their contest with Bethlehem in the fourth round American Cup competition scheduled to be played on the Steel Company athletic field. The best Sheridan received, however, was the information that the alibi presented by the Federals was accepted and that the replay would have to be staged. Saturday was the date set for the contest so that new Bethlehem in order to enter the semi-finals will have to defeat the Federals. Before leaving for Newark to attend the meeting Sheridan was confident that the least the Bethlehem club could expect would be the game by forfeit and intended pressing action demanding the punishment of the Federal management and players for their failure to appear here. However, after the details were made known and evidence produced to substantiate them, it developed that the officials of the American Football Association were at fault. The Federals claimed that their notification to play Bethlehem was received too late to muster together the team. When the notice came, most of the players had left to spend the holiday season at their homes. Special effort was made to call them back, and seven of the players were on hand at the station to make the trip when it was decided to call it off. Substantiating these facts, the A. F. A., contended that they were at fault and ordered the replay on Saturday.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club