The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, January 7, 1929
Sew Up Championship in Eastern League with Two Weekend Victories

The Bethlehem soccer team won two games in the Eastern Soccer League over the weekend and virtually clinched the championship for the first half season, the schedule of which concludes with the games to be played over the next weekend.

On Saturday afternoon the local booters journeyed to Philadelphia where the Centennials were disposed of by the score of 4 to 2. On Sunday the Bethlehem team journeyed to Paterson, N. J., after a lapse of several years and again showed their stuff on the old Olympic Park, defeating the I. R. T. Rangers by the score of 8 to 1.

Although forced to present patched up teams, the club with several of the injured regulars back in harness was probably more formidable than it had been in the past few weeks. A young Hungarian-Jewish players by the name of Joselit made his debut with the Bethlehem team. Joselit, a Hakoah reserve was secured to fill the vacancy of McClure, in goal, the latter being on the injured list with a fractured thumb. Although small in stature Joselit proved himself very active and will be retained for further trial. He will probably be seen in action in a home game very shortly.

Overcome Phillies Lead

Although Centennial held Bethlehem down to a one-goal tie in the first half, in the second half the Cents succumbed by 4 goals to 2.

The homesters scored the first point. With a long shot McDevitt beat Joselit five minutes from the kickoff. Ten minutes later Stark, that great opportunists of his side, equalized, and this score prevailed at the intermission.

It was in the final period that Centennial met its Waterloo. During a spirited raid on the home goal Maxwell was unfortunate enough to put the ball through his own goal in a desperate effort to clear.

Further reverses were to come. Stark again showing his superiority when, eluding the backs, he sprinted toward Green with the ball at his toe. It was a case for the two players. That old fox, Stark, won out. The goalie was beaten. And even again their citadel was to fall. Robertson gathered up the ball on the extreme left and swinging it across the goal mouth in the air, Gillespie connected with his head for this fourth tally.

Purgavie took off some of the sting of his team when his long shot got past Joselit.

Bethlehem -- Centennial
Joselit -- G -- Green
Marshall -- RFB -- Flynn
Allan -- LFB -- H. Reid
W. Reid -- RHB -- Maxwell
Carnihan -- CHB -- Delaney
MacGregor -- LHB -- McCurdy
Gillespie -- OR -- McDevitt
Massie -- IR -- McGrillen
Stark -- CF -- Deal
Malloy -- IL -- Jackson
Robertson -- OL -- Purgavie
Goals: Stark 2, Maxwell, Gillespie, McDevitt, Purgavie. Referee: Pat Howley. Linesmen: Young and Walders. Time of halves: 45 minutes.

Completely Rout Rangers

Scoring goals at will Bethlehem completely routed the I. R. T. Rangers, playing on their recently adopted field in Paterson, N. J., winning by the score of 8 to 1. The Bethlehem booters made little effort to score in the final half but even with half-hearted trying the ball found the net for four additional goals, the game number hung up on the Rangers in the first half.

Like the Philadelphia game the day before Bethlehem was slow in getting started and as a result the Rangers were first to score when Pearce sent a hard shot at the goalkeeper. The ball rebounded and Coleman netted it for the lone tally scored by the Rangers, after five minutes.

Ten minutes later Archie Stark equalized for Bethlehem on a pass from Rollo. Ten minutes later Stark sent in the second goal from 30 yards out, and shortly thereafter getting the ball again from Rollo, he made the score 3-1, in favor of Bethlehem. Just before half time those two players turned about, Stark passing the ball to Rollo who put it into the net.

After the interval, Stark scored his fourth goal and five minutes later Gillespie took a hand. Twice within a few minutes he gave a fine exhibition of individual play, each time sending the ball into the net on a 30-yard kicks. Just midway in the period, Gillespie passed the ball to Robertson who scored the last goal of the game.

I. R. T. Rangers -- Bethlehem
Duncan -- G -- Joselit
Wilson -- RFB -- Marshall
Rankin -- LFB -- Allan
Young -- RHB -- Reid
Terris -- CHB -- McGregor
Stuart -- LHB -- Robertson
Webster -- OR -- Gillespie
Herd -- IR -- Malloy
Coleman -- CF -- Stark
Pearce -- IL -- Massie
Dawson -- OL -- Rollo
Referee: J. A. Cation. Linesmen: A. Lowree and B. Day. Goals -- I. R. T. Rangers, Coleman. Bethlehem: Stark 4, Gillespie 2, Robertson, Rollo. Time of halves: 45 minutes.

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