Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, January 7, 1930
A Swing Along Athletic Row

What is Cup Play?
Reference to the impending clash between Bethlehem and Fall River here on Saturday as being typical of "cup play" has apparently puzzled some of the not-too-hot or recently converted soccer fans who look askance when the term is used in conversation. Any soccer thoroughbred will tell you that the term is applied in stressing the importance of a contest, a game that will be played with all the thrills and spectacular displays possible and a game in which players give their all to accomplish the cherished hope of victory. One defeat in cup play eliminates from further competition and for that reason there is no let-up to a sizzling pace but invariably a hard grind in which every bit of strategy and clever tactics at the command of the player are resorted to. As a rule these games are anything but pink teas and personal contact is quite pronounced. The Fall River-Bethlehem game assumes this aspect, inspired by the intense rivalry existing between the two clubs and the fact that while defeat does not mean elimination from further league competition a setback for Bethlehem would practically mean that Fall River has the league title well won.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club