The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 8, 1925
After Pitch is Cleared of Snow No Time is Lost in Starting Practice

Not caring to take any chances of breaking up the winning stride that has been so pronounced in the recent games of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team, no time was lost in clearing the field of snow to make possible the American Soccer League clash with New Bedford on the Steel field on Saturday afternoon. A preliminary workout was held yesterday afternoon with the big Thursday practice scheduled for today after which it is likely that the players to start against the New England rivals will be selected.

An idea of the speed at which Bethlehem is going may be gained from the fact that in the last four contests they allowed only two goals while they gathered in sixteen for themselves. Archie Stark, the league's leading goal-scorer, during this rampage has run his total of scores to 36 which is fourteen above his nearest competitors, A. Stevens.

New Bedford has been playing some of the strong clubs of the league and is capable of a very fast game. In the last four contests the Whalers have played they have drawn two and lost two but their rivals only scored five goals. This is pretty tight football. New Bedford tallies two to bring the total to 7 for the games, which is small scoring for four battles.

The Whalers are tied for the honors of heading the second division with the Indiana Flooring Co., with twenty-three points. They have tallied 30 goals against their rivals' 33 for the twenty-two contests played this season and are rated at .477, a step out of the .500 class.

The Steel Makers have been climbing steadily in the league race and are now only three points behind the leading Fall River F. C., the champions. The leaders have had no bad breaks at all so far this year. Bethlehem has accounted for 70 goals against opponents and allowed 32 in the 26 games played. Fall River has accounted for but one more goal in 27 games but has kept opponents down to 29. A single game may change the whole aspect of this, however.

Kickoff at 2:30 p.m. with Daniel Oates, of Philadelphia, refereeing.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club