The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, January 8, 1926
Bethlehem Plays New York Giants Tomorrow; Indiana Flooring Sunday

With a strenuous two game session over the weekend and the first round of the National Cup tie competition to follow a week later, the Bethlehem Steel F. C. management is doing some tall thinking these days to establish a precaution against an experience through which the club recently pass that of injuries, with the important cup competition in the near offing.

With this in mind, there is again some doubt relative to the players that will be selected to represent the Steelmen in their American League game against the New York Giants on the home field on Saturday afternoon, and while a tentative lineup was announced, the definite selection will hardly be made before the starting time.

Terris May Play

One of the most drastic changes contemplated has to do with the fullbacks. It is more than likely that Dr. Jock Ferguson, club trainer, will turn the duties over to Bob Terris and take down his uniform for active work. Either in the Giants game here on Saturday or against Indiana Flooring on Sunday, the veteran Jock is slated for a place in the lineup. With Ferguson as a fullback will be Levine, the recently acquired Gotham defender who has been in recent games.

With this change, Joe Berryman and Bill Allen, the dashing backs, will be given a much needed rest and primed for the opening tilt in the cup game which will be played against the Newark F. C. a week later. Reports on the cripples are very favorable and everyone said to be in good physical condition. The forwards who have been indisposed because of injury are Malcolm Goldie, Johnny Rollo and Johnny Granger, the first two certain to be back at their outside and inside position on the left wing on Saturday afternoon. Granger is the choice for inside right at this time and with the veteran Steelmen on this side of the front line will be Johnny Jaap, the diminutive speedster who during Goldie's injury played a nice game against Providence on the home lot last Saturday. Jaap is a right side front liner and when back in his natural position should pair off excellently with Goldie for speed, cleverness and perfect centering. In addition to these changes the halfback line which broke up in the Providence game will be intact with MacGregor, McDonald and Carnihan the trio.

Against the Giants the Steel Workers are promised an interesting session. The Gotham dribblers have several players who are a continual threat, most prominent of which is Davy Brown, a speedy, fearless and sure shooting center forward. It was Brown's sensational work which almost single handedly defeated Providence last Sunday, giving his team a victory in the last few minutes of play when New York seemed hopelessly beaten. If Brown is on his game the Bethlehem defenders will have their hands full in checking him.

On the forward line with Brown will be Duggan, Bremer, Stradan, and Crilley. The Giants have a well balanced team, one that is strong defensive and also dangerous on the attack. The kickoff will be at 2:30 o'clock with the following the probably lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- New York Giants
Carson -- G -- Geudert
Berryman -- RFB -- Kelly
Allen -- LFB -- Moorehouse
McDonald -- RHB -- Scott
Carnihan -- CHB -- Parks
MacGregor -- LHB -- McKinney
Jaap -- OR -- Duggan
Granger -- IR -- Bremer
Stark -- CF -- Brown
Rollo -- IL -- Stradan
Goldie -- OL -- Crilley

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