Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Thursday, January 9, 1930
With Exception of Dick Will Be at Full War Strength for Fall River

Misfortune which handicapped the Bethlehem soccer team in its previous battle played here against Fall River is again beckoning and when the homesters line up against the most intense rival in the Atlantic Coast Soccer League on Lehigh field, Saturday afternoon Alec Dick, brilliant forward, will not be able to cast his lot with his mates in the quest for victory.

Late last week the Bethlehem forward developed a cold which later threatened influenza but by drastic treatment more serious development was prevented and high hopes entertained for his speedy recovery to insure his presence in the line up for the game. The young and robust speedy [...] is convalescing but not sufficiently recovered to play.

Georgie Purgavie is nursing an injured leg suffered against the Bridgeport Hungarians last Saturday and can probably not be considered fit even with Purgavie on the shelf the club will have Johnny Rollo and the veteran Arthur Robertson, both reliable and capable, for the wing forward.

Concentrating on this game Bethlehem has seemingly lost sight of the fact that the team is booked to meet the New York Nationals at the Polo Grounds on Sunday. The latter game in importance dwindles in significance to the game to be waged here for Bethlehem is determined to accomplish what no other loop club has been successful in and that is to check the undefeated stride of the Marks.

Stark will be available for the Saturday game and so will all of his mates with the exception of Dick, presenting a forward line that has performed admirably in the last several games and one that can be relied upon to fight to the final whistle.

With the exception of goal where Andy Beveridge was seen in the last two games, there will probably be no other changes in the team. Beveridge, considered equally as capable as his mate Tommy Fraser, will be given a rest and Fraser who in the game at Fall River, which ended in a 3 goal draw, gave one of the greatest displays ever witnessed in American soccer, will be seen between the uprights. By his phenomenal work in the previous game Fraser can boast of the rather rare distinction of being one of the very few invading players to lave the field injured and with the plaudits of Fall River fans ringing in his ears.

Allan and Gibson, regular fullbacks, are both ready for service but will hardly see service starting the game. This move is prompted by their long layoff while McGregor and Finlayson, even though playing out of their regular positions, are now well acclimated to full back work and have been performing in such capable manner that the management is loath to make any changes. Pitt, Carnihan and Reid complete the layout which is all but definite barring injury in the last big training this afternoon in preparation for the game.

Fall River comes to Bethlehem with a record of having played thirteen games, nine of which were won and four resulted in draws. Bethlehem, second to the Marksmen in the league standing, played fifteen games, one eight, drew two and lost five. The kick-off will be promptly at 2:30 o'clock with George Young assigned as referee to handle the game. J. H. Carpenter and William Forrest are the appointed linesmen.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club