The Globe Bethlehem
January 10, 1921
Field, Saturday, Was Heavy But Bethlehem Eleven Was on Edge and Easily Maintained Lead in League by Piling Up a 10 to 2 Score.

by Fred S. Nonnemacher
Bethlehem Steel either displayed form far superior to that of the previous week or Babcock & Wilcox F. C., of Bayonne, N. J., was decidedly off color, as is indicated by the final outcome in the National League clash staged on the Bethlehem Steel athletic field on Saturday afternoon.

Heavy and soggy field conditions somewhat marred the play and made footwork treacherous. Despite these conditions, however, Bethlehem appeared to be well able to cope with the situation and won as they pleased, piling up a total of 10 goals to the visitors' 2.

The visitors were overwhelmingly outclassed and in the early minutes of play it was readily seen that it was merely a matter of how many goals the Steel Workers could score before the final whistle, while the Babs struggled hard to check the rapidly mounting score with apparently little effect.

The game was delayed about 15 minutes while the Babs were waiting for several of their players, who were reported as having missed the train. Findlay, a former star of international note, accompanied the team and was pressed into service, but even with this addition the squad was still a man short. Peter Stewart, a local player, was induced to don a Bab uniform and then with a complete lineup the team took to the field. Stewart played a good game but Dindlay, despite his reputation in the past, was unable to travel with the speedy going and it was easily seen that he has practically outplayed his usefulness on a soccer field in fast company.

The Bethlehem lineup was not without several changes over that which faced the Robins in the game the previous Saturday. Jimmy Murphy was absent at a wing position, a berth formerly occupied by Jimmy Wilson, who was again back in harness. Sam Fletcher, one of the Bethlehem veterans, made his initial debut of the season, playing at center halfback, the position held down by Captain Campbell. Both these players acquitted themselves in capable style.

A newcomer to the ranks of the Bethlehem clan was Joe Morrison, a local product, whose display of soccer created quite a favorable impression and predicts a promising career. His speed, strength and endurance proved to be his most glowing assets, while his work on the ball and centering were among the best seen on the field on Saturday afternoon. He is fast and quick to see an opening and shakes a wicked foot when within scoring range. Two of the 10 goals registered were scored by him.

The inclusion of these three men in the lineup did not affect the strength of the team in the least, each one doing his bit in mowing down the visitors. The Bethlehem forward line fairly ran wild and McBrearly, in goal for the Babs, was easily the busiest man on the field. At times shots were rained at him so rapidly that he completely lost his bearings. Although Bethlehem rolled up a total of 10 goals, McBrearly played a good game and a much larger total was prevented by his work.

Every player in the Bethlehem forward line added to the score. The game was less than 10 minutes gone when Brittan broke through and counted the opening goal with a shot that completely beat the goal keeper. Three minutes later Brittan added another and from then on the counters came at regular intervals with Fleming scoring two; Forrest, two; Joe Morrison, two; Jimmy Wilson, one; and Murray, one. The score at half time was 4 to 1, in favor of Bethlehem.

The visitors scored a lone tally in the opening half when Campbell, who played best for the Babs, took Duncan by surprise and shot the ball into the net before the latter recovered in time to clear. The ball had made one of its few trips into Bethlehem territory when Campbell, whose back at the time was turned, wheeled around quickly and with a fine drive located the net. Neil added the other counter in the second half. The lineup:

Bethlehem B & W
Duncan G McBrearly
Collier RFB Laurie
Ferguson LFB Smith
Bethune RHB Neil
Fletcher CHB McLaughlin
Murray LHB Ferguson
Wilson OR Muirhead
J. Morrison IR Lawler
Brittan CF Campbell
Forrest IL Stewart
Fleming OL -- Findlay
Goals: Brittan, 2; Fleming, 2; Forrest, 2; J. Morrison, 2; Wilson, Murray, Campbell, Muirhead. Linesmen J. Wilson, Bethlehem; Boyd, Babcock. Referee J. H. Carpenter. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club