The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Thursday, January 10, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

First Half Windup
Half season windup in the two major soccer leagues finds Bethlehem and Brooklyn on the top and each assured a chance in the post-season series to decide the championship of the respective leagues. Regardless of where the teams finish in the second half season, Bethlehem and Brooklyn will be in the play-offs. This is another distinction garnered by the Bethlehem booters. The American Soccer League, the outlawed organization, completed a first half schedule of 30 games and Brooklyn's margin of victory was by one point. The new Eastern League, delayed somewhat in starting due to the rift in the ranks of the major bodies, will complete the first half season over the coming weekend but the outcome of the games will make no material difference in the team standings insofar as Bethlehem is concerned. The local booters won with plenty to spare.

Overcome All Obstacles
In all the years that Bethlehem has been represented in soccer and that has been practically since soccer has been listed as an organized sport, it is doubtful if any Bethlehem team has been confronted with the obstacles to overcome the present aggregation of booters has faced in winning the first half season championship. Injuries were visited upon the players in greater number than ever before, indicative that the sport has come to be one in which science and cleverness not alone predominate but that the kick and rush style in which personal contact is pronounced has been injected into the game. Handicapped almost since the start of the season with injuries, players jumping and through the team's generosity in disposing of practically all of its reserves to help out other member clubs, Bethlehem nevertheless waded through to hang up the excellent record of 20 victories and two defeats. Incidentally the only club to sting the locals with defeat was the New York Giants. While as yet Bethlehem is unable to field a team of regulars intact, the outlook for the second half is more encouraging with at least several of the cripples able to again assume their positions.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club