The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Thursday, January 10, 1929
Bethlehem Soccerites Finish First Half Schedule in New York on Saturday

The Bethlehem soccer team will complete the first half schedule in the Eastern Soccer League with one game away from home over the weekend. In the listing of games for this weekend the locals are assigned to Starlight Park, New York City, where Newark will be the opponent on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday the team will be idle.

The second half of the schedule will get underway on Saturday, January 19. Bethlehem established a firm lead in first place and cannot be dislodged, enjoying an actual lead of eight points, which is four games, over both the Giants and New York Hakoah.

With the understanding that the first two clubs of each half season qualify for the post-season series to determine the league championship, the Giants and Hakoah are battling bitterly for second position in which the Giants are holding a slight advantage. The position of the Giants was partially gained through the success of Bethlehem against Hakoah, defeating the Jewish organization in every one of the four league starts. On the other hand, Hakoah has the edge on the Giants insofar as league wins are concerned.

The All-Stars have but one game remaining to complete their schedule while the Giants have two shots at their bow. Should Hakoah win its remaining game against Newark on Sunday, their percentage will be .680. On the other hand the Giants must lose one of their games against the Rangers and Hispano to create a tie for second place. However, at the pace the Giants established in recent games there is little danger that the team will finish second best in any of the two remaining games and the Giants are as well as in the bag insofar as qualifying for the post-season championship series.

Against Newark at Starlight Park, Bethlehem is in little danger of dropping its final game. With the return of several regulars the club is gradually getting back to full battling strength and when the team is once again normal it can be expected to continue the dizzy stride which carried the club to the title in the first half season.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club