Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Friday, January 10, 1930
With Prestige of Bethlehem-Fall River at Stake, Bitter Clash Anticipated.

With soccer interest rampant throughout the Lehigh Valley in anticipation of the game to be waged on Lehigh Filed tomorrow afternoon, it is expected that the Bethlehem soccer team and Fall River will wage their battle before the largest gathering of spectators to attend a game in recent seasons.

While heretofore important tilts have been decided on the home field it is doubtful if ever two teams met with a more determined intent for victory. Fall River comes here with an undefeated record at state and Bethlehem with much prestige to be gained if successful in being the only team in the league to stop the pace of the New Englanders.

No cup laurels are involved but the championship of the Atlantic Coast Soccer League is virtually at stake, for with Bethlehem disposed of the Marksmen not only eliminate a heated rival but the most dangerous contender for league honors.

The Bethlehem players went through final training yesterday afternoon and with the exception of Alec Dick, a wing forward, who will be missing, appeared exceptionally fit for the grueling struggle. Dick's Bert at outside left will probably be taken care of by Johnny Rollo, announced in the tentative lineup submitted this morning.

With the exception of Rollo, the team will be comprised of the same players who drew with the Marksmen at 3 goals each on the latter's field several weeks ago. Since that game Tommy Fraser, a sensation in goal, was given ample opportunity to recover from an injury suffered in the closing minutes and is ready to resume his playing.

The colder weather forecast will undoubtedly have the field fast and dry and with such conditions prevailing spectators are not only assured a fast and clever game but also a hard and bitterly fought contest.

The lineup of the teams follows:

Bethlehem -- Fall River
Fraser -- G -- Reder
Finlayson -- RFB -- McGill
McGregor -- LFB -- G. McAuley
Reid -- RHB -- McPherson
Carnihan -- CHB -- Priestly
Pitt -- LHB -- Ballantyne
Gillespie -- OR -- McNabb
Jaap -- IR -- Gonsalves
Stark -- CF -- Patenaude
Massie -- IL -- J. McAuley
Rollo -- OL -- White
Referee: George Young. Linesmen: J. H. Carpenter and William Forrest.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club