The Globe Bethlehem
Tuesday, January 11, 1921
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Joe Morrison a Coming Star
Veteran soccer prophets predict that Joe Morrison is a coming star and by proper care and training launched a brilliant career in the kicking game when he made his debut in the fast set as a member of the crack Bethlehem Steel team on Saturday. While it is only natural and expected that a player thrown on his own resources for the first time with the fast set will show signs of nervousness or probably over-anxiety in making good, Morrison fooled them all and his play throughout the game was cool and deliberate and showed all the earmarks of a veteran. Joe is a home product and a few more games with such experienced company as the Steel Workers should bring him through in great style. His idea of accepting passes is good and added to this, he is a strong and accurate shot when within range of the enemy's goal. He is fast and a fearless tackler and in general has a thorough conception of the game. His only defect in Saturday's game, and that was a mere mite, was in being a bit inclined to running offside. Morrison played inside to Brittan at center forward who with other players were anxious to see the local boy make good, and coached him throughout the game. Coaching from a player of Brittan's caliber will surely round him into a well seasoned player in a very few more games. Since Joe is signed with the Steel Workers, it might be to his benefit if he gained permission to play with some of the minor aggregations. That is, when not playing with the Bethlehem Steel team. This would surely mean that Morrison would keep in condition and would steadily improve in his style of play.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club