The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Tuesday, January 11, 1927
Gotham Booters, Include Brown, Brilliant Forward and League Leading Scorer.

Davy Brown and Co., representing the New York Giants in the American Soccer League, will be visitors to Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon on which occasion the Gotham dribblers will clash with the league leading Bethlehem club in a league game.

The Giants and their makeup need no introduction to local fans who are well familiar with the dashing style of play resorted to by the Gotham club which in recent years has been more or less a nemesis to the local team.

Ex-Hakoahs on Team

Whenever Bethlehem and the Giants meet the fans can expect a good game, a battle fought hard from the opening to the final blast of the referee’s whistle. Included with Davy Brown and his company of New York booters will be several players who starred with the Hakoah team when the Jewish aggregation made its sensational soccer tour last season.

It is around Brown, however, that the success of the Giants is most centered. A native product of the soccer pitch, Brown is leading scoring, and has amassed a total of goals that indicate strongly that he will capture the honors this season.

Brown learned his soccer laying in and around New York and although many luring offers were made for his services by other clubs in the league, he has remained loyal to the city in which he developed in the sport. Either a center or an outside forward, Brown is fast and dashing and can play either position with the same effectiveness.

Unless Bethlehem gets together and presents a more organized bat[…] Saturday the Giants are going […] it mighty interesting for the […] leaders against a leaky defense such as was witnessed in the Coats game. Brown […] a player on the same type of Ha[…] is going to cause the backs no little concern.

The game on Saturday will be the last home affair for two weeks. The following weekend the league leaders make a New England invasion which will include the fourth and final meeting of the season in league competition with Fall River.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club