The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Wednesday, January 12, 1921
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Hot After Cup Honors
Fore River's chances of capturing the National and American Cup honors, soccer classics in which Bethlehem Steel was eliminated, are brightened with the announcement that the club has signed James Brown, of Glasgow, Scotland. The acquisition of Brown ends all the Shipbuilders' troubles in finding a man to fill the vacancy caused by injury to Jack Kershaw. Brown is a "big leaguer" and just arrived in this country. In 1913 he was "capped" by the Scottish Junior Football Association against Ireland, an honor sought by all soccer players on the other side. During that year and the following he played in the Scottish League. This announcement will be of interest to local fans since Fore River meets Robins Dry Dock, a heated Bethlehem rival, in the fifth round of the National Cup competition.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club