The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Tuesday, January 11, 1927
Negotiations Favorable For Purchase of Reid, Quaker City Right Halfback

A deal whereby William Reid, right halfback of the Philadelphia soccer team in the American Soccer League will become a member of the Bethlehem team, is being negotiated and will probably be closed today. This information was made public today when it was learned that all that still remains to make the deal official is the arrival of Reid in this city to attach his signature to a contract.

In securing Reid the management did as a lucrative purchase price with probably a bit of sentiment prevailing in making it possible for the champions to get him. Boston, New Bedford and Fall River were other clubs in the market for the star Philadelphia halfback.

On a recent visit of the Philadelphia club to Bethlehem for a game it is said that the local management advanced finances necessary to keep the club intact and that Bethlehem was favored in the sale of Reid as a paying off a debt of appreciation. With the transfer price the Philadelphia management is in a better position financially to finish the season. Reid is regarded as one of the best defensive players in the league.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club