The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 14, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Growth of Soccer in America
Statistics, quite interesting in those partial to the sport, are sent out by the publicity bureau of the American Soccer League, revealing that extensive development of this sport in this country. "Soccer football is making progress in this country," prefaces the article, which in part follows:

"There are almost 1,200 elevens playing the game in organized football and eighteen states have bodies controlling the sport in their territory. Nearly 20,000 players are registered, pledged to play under uniform rules and subject to its discipline. This does not take into consideration the players engaged in the sport in schools and colleges, where actually as many more are playing as under organized football. As an illustration, in Greater New York there are sixty-five schools playing the game, with 745 class elevens and easily 7,500 lads on the teams. In proportion to their size, other cities in the country boast of similar activities."

And of all these teams and players, Bethlehem has a professional, high school and college team, together with two junior soccer aggregations, that rank with the best in the country.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club