The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, January 14, 1929
Defeat Newark F. C., at Starlight Park, New York, by Score of 5 to 4 in Hard Tussle

Bethlehem soccer team concluded its campaign of the first half season, in the Eastern Soccer League with a record of twenty-one victories and only two defeats. However, in annexing the final game against Newark F. C., played at Starlight Park, New York on Saturday afternoon, the local booters had a narrow escape, nosing out victorious by the margin of one goal. The final numerals were 5 to 4.

Newark came near to living up to its reputation as a wrecker of champions when the Bethlehem players eased up in their tactics after securing what appeared a comfortable lead and then when pressed by the Jerseymen were unable to resume their usual stride.

Two veterans were absent in the Bethlehem lineup in the person of "Bill" Carnihan and Robert MacGregor, both at home ill and as a result the team was forced to revamp the halfback line. Matt Wilson, celebrating his return to the game after an absence of several weeks because of injury, was played at center half instead of his usual regular job as a halfback, whose Arthur Robertson, a pinch hitter on the forward line, assumed the other vacancy. The only regular was Willie Reid.

In addition to these changes the team tired out Finneran, the new giant goalie signed during the week. While the Jerseymen were successful in driving four goals into the net, Finneran did fairly well. The defense did not contribute its characteristic support.

The early success of the Bethlehem team, scoring two goals in about two minutes of play, somewhat threw the players off their guard and relenting in their tactics presented Newark the opportunity to crash through to net the ball. When the situation became serious Bethlehem tried to regain its stride but the Jerseymen inspired with their success and playing a better game than has been the case in recent clashes, gave Bethlehem plenty to think about.

Jack Lamont, Newark's center forward, proved the outstanding goalie of the day and enjoyed a great triumph, but scoring all goals for his club with four splendid efforts. It's been a long time, if ever, since any one Newark player crashed as many goals into the net as Lamont, a recent acquisition to the Skeeters.

In the second half Arthur Robertson, alleged to have used rough tactics in contacts with Bartley, the Newark right wing forward, was banished from the field and Bethlehem was forced to play with ten men. However, the sides were shortly evened up when Bartley, engaged in an argument with Mose Bloom in which he gave the arbiter a violent shove, was relieved from further service.

Newark -- Bethlehem
Sprague -- Goalie -- Finneran
John Brown -- RFB -- Marshall
Cairns -- LFB -- Allen
Forrest -- RHB -- Reid
McCue -- CHB -- Wilson
Pollock - -LHB -- Robertson
Bartley - -OR -- Gillespie
Conn -- IR -- Rollo
Lamont -- CF -- Stark
Nadern -- IL -- Massie
Hind -- OL -- Malloy
Referee -- M. Bloom. Linesmen: W. J. Campbell and D. Donahue. Substitutions -- Mulcahy for Sprague. Goals for Bethlehem: Stark 2, Robertson, Massie, and Rollo; Newark: Lamont 4.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club